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Welcome to the PMM Wiki, the Pokemorph MUSH knowledge base.

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Welcome to Prism Island!

The year is 2050.

Decades after the scientists of Team Rocket and Plasma combined the genetic codes of human and Pokemon in a bid for world domination, and failed, there remains an island to which they call home. Despite Wars and a reluctance of the various world nations to accept them, the Pokemorphs have created their own civilization on a small island in the oceans south of Kanto. These individuals wish nothing more than to live in peace, and strive for equality in a world just beginning to accept them.

Challenges and opportunities both big and small have arisen, and at every step these new life-forms have stepped up to them. Cultures have crashed upon each other like great waves, mixing into something distinctly unique. Viewers from the mainlands tune their TVs to the higher channels and watch the Pokemorph Contests. Trainers tour the island and reunite with their now two-legged companions. Most recently, Pokemorphs have even begun to explore and vacation away from home.

Things may seem peaceful and idyllic on the surface, but things continue to rumble underneath despite recent years of quiet.

This is the world of PokemorphMUSH.