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Welcome to the PMM Wiki, the Pokemorph MUSH knowledge base.

We are on vacation!

(Posted Feb 18th) We are extending the hiatus. We're aiming to reopen in 6-8 weeks; you will hear from us ASAP if we cannot meet this timeframe. We apologize for the delay in this notice, as well as the extended hiatus. We understand this may be frustrating and disappointing, and we ask for your patience. We have made this difficult decision due to some sudden, drastic life changes and unresolved issues.

We are not closing forever, but we need more time to heal, work on tasks, etc.. In the meantime, PMM Staff may still be contacted at and you may watch our front page or Twitter for the fastest updates. --Cosmo

(Posted Dec 17th) What this means: There is no log-ins to the MUSH possible during this time. This website will remain accessible, but under construction, for the duration of this hiatus. Any updates we have during this time will be posted here & Twitter.

PMM Staff wishes to hear feedback, both positive and/or constructive! We really do care about this place and want people to have a good experience here. If you have any feedback to give us, or wish for assistance getting in touch with other players, please e-mail it to

Contact with Staff during this hiatus may be maintained via this email as well, especially in regards to plots people want to run (or are running). Responses will be given gradually over the course of the hiatus; please be patient.

After this hiatus concludes, we will have updates for everyone to review, including updating our theme to include Paldean Pokémon & clarification on Hisuian Pokémon, a clear statement on our TinyPlot policy & procedure, and other adjustments to our theme and website.

(Posted March 18th) We have a statement to share about the hiatus and its extension. Please go here for our full statement.

We have been neglecting our e-mail inbox during much of the hiatus, due to reasons outlined in our statement, and we apologize for this wait time. We are aiming to read and respond to all outstanding mail during the next 3 weeks, & thank you for your continued patience.

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We have updated our Rules and Code of Conduct as of November 2, 2021. Please read and review them.