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Pokemorphs can learn attacks many different ways, just as pokemon can. When you apply, you pick a moveset from one of the games for your Pokemorph's attacks and stick with it. Different movesets display different fighting styles. Pokemorphs have the capacity to learn and remember more than just four attacks as they level up. However, to keep from overpowering characters, we ask that Pokemorphs start with not more than four TM/HM/Bred moves. As your character progresses on the MUSH, you may add attacks to their attack list.

If a new game is released, changing movesets can be discussed with admin, should the need arise. It will likely require an involved IC explanation. If a new move is added in a new game that doesn't dramatically change the moveset, you can may have IC training to learn the attack. This doesn't cost any RP points, just training time.

The explanation of how Pokemorphs can learn attacks through the various means follows.


With Pokemorphs, the level system is less consequential, but you can't learn moves from previous evolutions. If you have a move that's exclusive to your evolved form, you cannot have any moves from your previous form that require a higher level. Teaching yourself an attack you've already learned or learning an attack from someone else generally takes a few weeks, if one keeps focused enough to do a few hours of intensive training/study every day. More than that is generally a waste, anyway.

Level-up moves don't cost any points, you just learn them in roleplay. Your character can either train specifically to learn a new attack move, or discover the use of a new attack in battle! To have them added to your character, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log the roleplay scene in which your character learns a new attack move.
  2. List your character's name and the new attack move in the e-mail.
  3. Edit this log to just the relevant poses where your character first uses or learns the new attack, and a few poses after. Please clean out any OOC chatter. Paste this into the body of the e-mail (do not send it as an attachment).
  4. Send the log off to apps@pokemorph.com with the title "PMMUSH New Attack - (Character's name)", replacing (Character's name) with the applicable character, and we will add it to your attack list ASAP.

If you have any further questions about adding a new attack move, please contact on-duty staff.


A Technical Machine or Hidden Machine (TM or HM) is a metal box with rounded-off corners that opens in the center. It has a device inside, like a small sphere, attached to the electronics on the insides of the box that projects a bright beam at the user. In a rather jarring moment, assuming it is compatible, it teaches the fundamentals of the attack. If the Pokemorph or Pokémon isn't compatible, it just closes again without teaching a move and may still be used. They can be recycled, but only at locations that can create TMs.

You can start with up to four TM/HMs in your application, but to add more TM/HMs to your Pokemorph's attack list, you need to purchase the extra attacks with RP Points. The TM/HM Cost List is a full list of the cost of attacks and more information about earning RP points.

Breeding and Move tutors

TMs from previous versions of Pokemon games (Red, Blue, Yellow) will show up as egg moves if the moves are still compatible with the pokemon. For the purposes of the MUSH, Move Tutor moves are basically TMs. Anyone who has mastered the technique can teach it. Any TM/Tutor move can be tutored, but it all costs RP points. Egg/Bred Moves can't be taught, they can only be acquired during the application process.