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Glaceon, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

In counter to Fire-Types, Ice-typed Pokemorphs tend to have a much lower internal body temperature than the average 'morph, and are highly vulnerable to contracting hyperthermia with prolonged exposure to hot temperatures. The warm-blooded Ice-types (such as Swinub or Walrein) possess a thick coat of fur and/or blubber to keep them warm in arctic temperatures, and they have a more normal body temperature and thus a slightly higher tolerance to high temperatures. Such Ice-morphs may shed some or even most of this fat layer or their lush pelt to adapt to living in warm environments (such as the tropical climate of most of Pokemorph Island). Naturally, Ice-types of all species can endure far colder temperatures than other elemental typings with little issue.

Unfortunately, given the aforementioned tropical climate of Prism Island, Ice-types suffer a certain disadvantage. Most can keep themselves cool with a constant, minor application of their Ice abilities - though this starts to become highly draining if required for too long a time. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (particularly air conditioners), though, Ice-morphs can keep themselves comfortable in other ways. Under absolutely no circumstances will an Ice-morph melt (though on a hot summer day, some may feel that they are!).

In the presence of snowfall or hail, Ice-types gain a slight boost in power- but the attack Hail does this with far greater strength and effectiveness, with the added bonus of damaging any foe that is not likewise an Ice-type.

Defensively, Ice-types are quite lacking - barring an ability like Thick Fat or being paired with a typing that negates their other weaknesses, they only resist Ice-typed damage. Offensively they're a bit more fearsome; being one of two types that can strike fear in the heart of a Dragon, and Ice-morphs also possess an advantage over several fairly common types such as Flying.

Ice attacks consist of massive blasts of ice, cold and snow; sometimes shaped into more offensive assaults in the form of spears or shards, or enhancements to physical attacks like bites or punches. Ice-types also cannot be frozen solid by any sort of ice attack, no matter the strength.

Ice-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel Ice Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground Fire, Ice, Steel, Water