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Hydra is currently closed for business.

Message: 11/89                     Posted             Author
Hydra gossip                       Wed Sep 26 2012    Kotone
So a pair of Hydra operatives walk into a bar.
They don't say ow, but sat at a table they do have this conversation, overheard by your faithful reporter. Go on, imagine it: number one, the biggest Swellow morph you've ever seen, struggling to stay in one of those tiny 
    barstools as this little waif of a Growlithe girl bounces up and down and chats with him. Ooh la la!
Hydra 1: So I tried to get into the office and I can't. My key doesn't work.
Hydra 2: I've lost my remote access, too. No files, no orders, no anything. Have you heard anything?
Hydra 1: Nope. And I can't get in touch with anyone who knows anything. It's like they've vanished.
Hydra 2: Except the buildings are still there.
Hydra 1: Well, yeah. I guess it's been a while since the last time our HQ spontaneously exploded, so-
Hydra 2: Ooh, fireworks!
Hydra 1: Hey, you, stop listening to our conversation.
Me: Who, me? Oh, that microphone? Umm, never seen it before. Is it yours?
Suddenly I decided I was overdue for my midnight jog. Fitness! That's me. But I think the message is clear, our personal militia appears to be closed for business!

(OOC: Hydra areas are ICly inaccessible. Both branches are locked and empty - most importantly, nobody seems to know why. Oooh spooky.)