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Note: Formerly known as "Factions" - some of the groups that precede the Groups system have their own boards and/or chat channels to facilitate communication between group members on the MUSH.

What are Groups?

ICly, a Group may vary from an established social club to an official organization or faction of varying renown, that operates on Prism Island. They range from small social organizations to substantial forces, both good and bad (and in-between). All have a place and function within Prism's society, current or historical.

Practically, Groups are PMMUSH's organization system for people to easily tell at a glance what collectives, clubs, organization or faction that various characters may be associated with. Characters may be members of multiple Groups, and may choose a single 'priority' Group to flag on +who and ws. You may see the full list of Groups any character is in by checking their +finger profile, or using the command +group/profile <charactername>.

Some Groups may be joined at character application - stating your character has been a member is an already-established member; other Groups may require an IC RP scene to sign up! We suggest you look at all of the different Groups available and see if any of them would be a good fit for your character, or a future aspiration for your character. You may check the current list of Groups on the MUSH with +group/list, and check the detailed profile for each Group with +group/profile <Groupname> (ex. +group/profile PIA).

Make your own Group

If you are interested in creating your own Group on Pokemorph MUSH, see Creating a Group.

Group Roles

Members & Ranks

Every player character who is in a Group is considered a Member; Rank is the separate IC distinction between Group Members.
The IC organization or hierarchy of a Group. Each Group has its own naming conventions for Ranks, and as such, Rank titles vary. This may be checked in-game with +group/ranks <groupname>.


Each Group has at least one Manager that oversees the Group. Managers would be the person(s) who approve or decline new Members. If you are unsure if your character would be a good fit for a Group, we recommend contacting a Group Manager to discuss your concept, or simply to discuss applying for a Group. Group Managers may also be contacted if you have questions about their Group, or simply seek more information. You may find a Group's Managers in-game by typing +group/managers <groupname>.

Open Groups

Some Groups are open Groups, and may be joined at any time (including during the character application process; if you wish to join an open Group with an existing character, simply contact any on-duty Staff member to join.

Groups Help

On the MUSH, type +group/help to see the Group helpfile, which includes in-game commands for Groups.

Current/Active Groups

The Pokemorph Intelligence Agency (PIA)

Main article: Pokemorph Intelligence Agency

Open Group. The Pokemorph Intelligence Agency, usually abbreviated to the much shorter 'PIA', works as the law enforcement of Prism Island

Team Plasma

Main article: Plasma

Open Group. Seeking repentance for their crimes in Unova, Plasma is a charitable organization working to improve the lives of 'morphs through various public works projects. It is rumored that some members of Plasma are striking down perpetrators of violent crime from the shadows, particularly those who have harmed the weak or elderly..

Battle Club

Open Group. A shard of Prism island's culture, the Battle Club provides a structured place for 'morphs to battle for practice and enjoyment, and doubles as a social gathering point for its members. One of the oldest ongoing groups on the island, Battle Club is not spoken about openly. Tightly run at an administrative level, it is not intended as secret; it is simply not meant to be advertised, and membership is extended by current members after an internal vetting process if a potential participant shows interest.

Battle Club Full Profile ⯈Collapse ⯆

For longer than Pokemorphs have existed, they have battled. Started when the first Morphs arrived on Prism, Battle Club is a shard of the island's culture, providing a structured place to go to continue battling for practice and enjoyment, and doubling as a social gathering point for its members.

One of the oldest ongoing groups on the island, the club is not talked about on the streets, though is fairly large, tightly run at an administrative level, and not intended as secret; it is simply not intended to be advertised. Membership is extended by members after an internal vetting process when a potential participant shows interest.

The battles themselves scale from casual to some of the island's most intense, and meeting spots are primarily miles outside city limits, most commonly in areas where the landscape has been intentionally altered to accommodate the club.

Any work on development of powers is welcomed, be that form, raw strength, mobility, healing, or otherwise. Likewise, there is practice for non-powered skills such as rhythm, footwork, perception, and scouting.

The club has dedicated roles in the form of Battle Partners, Healers, and Administrators. Though changeable, only one role may be performed at once, and there are rules about the interactions between roles and their duties, typically simple: Battle Partners only battle one another, Healers only heal, Administrators do neither.

Group meetings are scheduled to fit all varieties of active hours. Battle Club itself battles to improve, and so changes location, rules, and times based on the needs of its members and the needs of the island.


Open Group. In contrast to the Battle Club, Kenka-bu is the longest-lasting, yet unofficial, underground fighting organization on Prism Island (though it could hardly be called an organization). Kenka-bu is the place to go if you wish to participate in or spectate non-legal, and often brutal and violent, fights. Cage matches, fixed fights, and house rules that'd make the League cry for mommy are common features of the types of matches one might expect to see in Kenka-bu. The majority of Kenka-bu fights are held in the Chikajou, an underground arena (both literally and figuratively). Nothing that happens in Kenka-bu is sanctioned by any part of the Prism or Kanto government, and What Happens in Kenka-bu Stays in Kenka-bu.

Kenka-bu Full Profile ⯈Collapse ⯆

Are you looking for a FIGHT? I don't mean those silly little League Battles. We're talkin' a REAL *BRAWL*. Down 'n' dirty cage matches: no fussy rules, no overlording League masters… Hell naw! You're looking to catch some claws, bite some legs, break some bones, stomp some tails!

Or perhaps your taste for bloodsports is limited to "audience." You might even feel like throwing down some wagers on the brawls~

Then Kenka-bu (Fight Ring) may be the place for you!

Kenka-bu can hardly be called an organization, as disorganized as it is; there are no membership cards or fees, only knowing the right person to get an invite in.

Kenka-bu is the longest-lasting yet unofficial underground fighting organization on Prism Isle. It shall forever remain unofficial due to the non-legal aspects…

This is more your grandmother's kind of fighting ring: Cage matches, fixed fights, house rules that'd make the League cry for mommy. (There's rumors that, while rare, Kenka-bu has even hosted death matches…)

Combatants enter the arena with the intention to cause harm, and spectators are here to enjoy watching a good brawl - and throw some cash around, while they're at it!

Kenka-bu matches may be held at any venue with enough space for an arena and some audience; but the majority of matches happen in the Chikajou: an underground arena (figuratively and literally), tucked away under the northwest corner of the city.

Suffice to say: nothing that happens in Kenka-bu is sanctioned by any part of the Prism government, and What Happens In Kenka-bu Stays In Kenka-bu.

(OOC note: This is an open group, with no official leader. If you think Kenka-bu is a good fit for your character, come on in!)

Masquerade Club

Main article: Masquerade Club

Prism's elitist country club for the island's richest and most powerful. A front for the island's collective bad guys and associates to gather together in a 'safe' place to do their dealings beyond the oversight of Prism's governing forces and the PIA. A secondary youth division includes the next generation of Prism's elite who enjoy pranks at other islanders expense.


Main article: Seafangs

The Seafangs are a modern group of sea pirates, formed of primarily Water-type Pokemorphs.


Main article: Shinkawa GK

A morph-only bokuto yakuza, operating via the business front Shinkawa Godo Kaisha. With several irons in the fire of Prism's commercial industry, Shinkawa-kai works quietly in the background to keep the wheels greased and turning on Prism Island, whilst lining their pockets.

Inactive/Historical Groups

Factions was the system PMM used previously for arranging large groups of characters to a particular theme of particular influence upon the game with a large collection of player characters. This included Team Rocket, their vigilante justice counterpart Hydra and the Anti-morph faction The Friends of Nature. Find out more information on these historically important groups below.

Team Rocket [defunct]

Main article: Team Rocket

Team Rocket was, by far, the largest group working together on the Island. Many Pokemorphs did, for a time, stay with their creators and served the Team (with varying degrees of willingness and passion). Following an ever-increased focus on Pokemorphs, failed attempts to bring all Pokemorphs back into the fold, and destruction of their base and complete ousting from Prism Island, Team Rocket has ceased operations on all levels - both on the island, and in the wider world.

Hydra [disbanded]

Main article: Hydra

Hydra was a resistance group of vigilantes that wee best known for their repeated actions against Team Rocket. Their methods often circumvented the normal statutes of law. As of IC date Sept 2040, Hydra has closed for business.

The Friends of Nature [Evicted from Prism]

Main article: The Friends of Nature

The Friends of Nature was a group of humans whom believed that Pokemorphs are a mistake of nature and should be eradicated. After the international incident involving a battleship off the coast of Prism (IC year 2043) was discovered to be originated via Friends of Nature, they were forcibly removed from Prism Island and legally ruled to be a terrorist hate group.

Muintir [disbanded]

Main article: Muintir

Muintir was a small but tight-knit mafia group that operated during most of the 2030s, before disappearing into obscurity.

Team Dragon [defunct]

Team Dragon was a small but determined gang of smugglers and distributors who sought to make a name for themselves in Prism's underworld, with the goal of raising those they considered underprivileged to wealth and prestige via organized crime.