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Vibrava, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Ground-typed Pokemorphs (slang: Grounders), tend to be hardy, sturdy sorts with good endurance. Such morphs have an innate connection with the earth, soil and dirt, and are highly sensitive to tremors and vibrations in the ground. Many gain a benefit when a Sandstorm is in effect.

Many Ground-types are adapted to living in arid or desert environments - while harmless when consumed, even mundane water can be an external irritant. However, most grounders need less water than the average 'morph. They tend to be very uncomfortable around large quantities of water - most simply don't like water!

Most Ground-typed attacks- particularly the physical sort, which comprise the majority- require some contact with the ground in order to set off damaging tremors or the like. Some attacks use mud as a weapon, which a Grounder can summon themselves, even indoors with no source of dirt. Unique to the Cubone line (with the exception of Lucario, in one case) are several Ground-Type attacks using bones as a focus for Ground energy for highly damaging strikes. Grounders also focus more than any other one type on reducing a foe's accuracy, via either mud or sand in the target's eyes.

Grounder defenses aren't always very well-rounded; they tend to lean towards straight-up Defense rather than Special Defense, and are not incredible in either respect, though hardly terrible either. One of their chief weaknesses, Water energy, is an extremely common typing, and few additional types to grounders remove this weakness. In fact, the common addition of a Rock typing grants the unfortunate subject a quadruple weakness to both Water and Grass. However, they do resist Rock and Poison attacks (and gain a slight resilience against some mundane toxins as a result), and due to their innate connection with the earth, Grounders are totally immune to Electric damage.

Offensively, Ground-morphs are far more fearsome. Grounders can cut down the ever-defensive Steel type, and Ground is the only weakness of Electric-Types. However, the same connection to the earth that makes a Grounder weak to the air-focused Flying-Type attacks also makes that pernicious type totally immune to Ground-type damaging attacks, as well as any 'morph with the ability Levitate. Nevertheless, this is an extremely strong attacking type, and many 'morphs that are not Ground-typed themselves may learn an attack of this elemenent, particularly the ever-popular and powerful Earthquake.

Ground-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Grass, Ice, Water Electric (immune), Poison, Rock Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel Bug, Flying (immune), Grass