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Simisage, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Grass-types fight with various leaves, plants or vines that can be grown or extended from their own body, or formed of elemental energy. While they can't affect the growth of mundane plants, Grass-types do tend to have an innate sense that guides them to instinctively know if a plant is sick or healthy, and what it needs for optimum growth potential. Pokemorphs of this type are also more sensitive to air, soil and water quality, and may suffer adverse effects if any of these are of poor quality in the area. Many prefer the more northern environment of the island, out of the city and away from the air pollution.

On a related note, some Grass-types find lawn and plant-care products to be mildly effective on them as well, such as pesticides to keep the pesky Bugs away. Caution is required - Grass-morphs are part human, and thus some items can prove dangerous to a 'morph. Plant-morphs can be quite vulnerable to toxic substances unless they possess a second type that grants them a resistance to poisons.

While sunlight isn't strictly essential for Grass-types to survive, many prefer to spend a fair amount of time basking in the sun, and may even unconsciously gravitate to the spot with the most direct sunlight! Most have the ability to gain energy through photosynthesis, but consumption of normal foodstuffs is much faster and by far more efficient. Getting proper nutrients is just as essential for Grass-morphs as any other typing; many find sugars easier to digest and may have difficulty breaking down meat and highly processed food -- though other Grass-types are omnivorous or even carnivorous. By no means are all Grass-morphs vegans!

Exposure to sunlight and proper nutrition can enhance a Grass-type's regenerative capabilities. Regaining lost limbs is impossible, but other injuries tend to heal at a mildly accelerated rate. Morphs that are capable of retaining a rudimentary root structure in rich soil through their Change may find the process less tortuous than most 'morphs. Grass-types that are kept in the dark or without a suitable substitute (such as halogen light lamps) can occasionally develop a pale, wilting, sickly appearance, as well as lethargy or impaired healing rate. There are exceptions to this, however, such as Foongus or Amoonguss, which are healthier without sunlight!

Most Grass-types fear fire, both of the mundane and elemental variety, and with good reason; their typing leaves them especially vulnerable to Fire energy. Cold weather and snow can cause the extremities of a plant-morph's body to become brittle and easily susceptible to frostburn; likewise with Ice energy. Many bugs find the flesh of Grass-types to be a satisfying meal, and infestations are greatly feared, as well as attacks by Bug-types (though some Grass-types would be more than glad to eat bugs themselves). Plant-morph's innate (and sometimes literal!) connection to the earth helps to ground them from Electrical assaults and lessen the effect of such attacks.

Grass-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison Electric, Grass, Ground, Water Ground, Rock, Water Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison, Steel