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Shedinja, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

The mysterious Ghost-Types are comprised not only of souls of the departed, but any spirit-like creature with a connection to the ethereal realm. One of the most enigmatic types in existence, Ghosts have a typically well-earned reputation for being creepy and sinister due to their association with death (whether they are indeed dead or not) and the other realms.

After death, some spirits remain on the material plane rather than passing on to the afterlife, usually held by some powerful need to remain (an unresolved, violent death; or an obligation that was never met in life). Manifesting as a Ghost-type can take anywhere from a few hours to many years after death as the wandering spirit gathers strength enough to manifest as a new Ghost. Dead Pokemorphs can return as Ghost-morphs; deceased humans and Pokémon manifest as unmorphed Ghosts.

The only Ghost-type species that are possible to return as after death are Gastly, Misdreavus, Shedinja, Shuppet, Duskull, Drifloon, Yamask, Litwick, Honedge, Phantump and Pumpkaboo. A spirit is never at an evolved form upon manifestation; she will begin undeath at the lowest evolution only (with the slight exception of Shedinja- they are usually created when a wandering departed spirit possesses the husk that is shed when a Nincada evolves into a Ninjask.) A reincarnated 'morph may possess some minor physical traits of their former species; but minor only (such as a Litwick-Morph having wild, fiery hair reminiscent of the mane he had in life as a Pyroar-Morph). Another point of variation is how much a newly reincarnated Ghost remembers of their former life - it can range from complete recollection of their former life, to absolute amnesia.

Ghost species that are not re-manifested spirits are Sableye, Froslass, Frillish, Golett and Rotom.

Being dead already, Ghosts cannot technically die again, but they can be destroyed. It's generally thought that they finally pass on to the afterlife when this happens, their last hold on this plane broken; a Ghost cannot return again after destruction. Alternatively, a Ghost-type can voluntarily relinquish their ties to the mortal plane once their spirit is at peace and pass on, never to return.

All Ghosts possess the ability to phase: to assume a fully incorporeal form and pass through solid objects such as individuals and walls. No Ghost can assume a tangible form in any capacity while any part of them is inside anything solid, inanimate or animate. Ghosts also cannot take anything corporeal with them through a wall beyond their clothing; anything over that is left behind. However, a GAP field can prevent all ethereal passage through the walls of buildings with such a defense. Ghosts with Levitate can fly and hover; those without this ability are typically bound by gravity, even when phasing - they could walk through a wall, but not so much a ceiling. The move Foresight prevents a Ghost from phasing temporarily.

Most Ghosts are capable of the frightening ability of possession, but in practice it is rarely used. It takes very little effort on the part of the target to resist and refuse such an attempt. Possession generally only works if the target is willing, or is in an extremely mentally weakened state, such as unconsciousness. However, even possession an unconscious body has its difficulties; a sleeping 'morph may easily wake up and reject the possession, and a 'morph stuck in a vegetative state isn't likely to get up to much, even with a ghost possessing him. Likewise, the power of creating illusions is extremely limited. Only minor illusions can be created, and they tend to fall apart under any sort of scrutiny. Ghost's illusions, of course, cannot have a physical effect upon anything. Ghost's illusions are different, and much weaker, than the ability of Zorua and Zoroark.

Ghost-types may also be summoned via an arcane ritual, but this is extremely difficult to perform with much success -- especially to target a specific Ghost -- and while any Ghost will feel the pull of a summoning, it may also be refused with little effort. It is also far more difficult to 'banish' a Ghost back to whence it came from than to summon one!

Most Ghosts can consume normal food while in a fully corporeal form, though they may not need to to survive. Ghosts get the most benefit from foodstuffs that have been recently harvested or slaughtered, as they also consume the dwindling life force in their food. This makes applies to both animal and plant items, and makes fresh food far preferable to canned or frozen. Some Ghost-types can feed on the emotions of other 'morphs, humans and Pokémon alike, providing varying degrees of sustenance. Misdreavus and Mismagius are unique instances of phobovores (getting energy from others' fear) and Rotoms can feed on electricity. While this is not illegal on Pokemorph Island, since it doesn't necessarily harm the target (and may even be beneficial, in the case of absorbing negative emotions), a Ghost of any species that feeds on a creature's life force via a move such as Dream Eater will be found guilty of assault.

Ghost-typed morphs, both the dead and merely ethereal sort, can reproduce with other Pokemorphs. The child, if also a Ghost, is not necessarily a dead soul but the same as any other child... just with a connection to the ethereal. A spirit being; just not a dead one. Such 'born' Ghosts, along with the non-resurrected species such as Sableye, cannot return again as a Ghost-type if they are destroyed, even if they weren't technically dead to begin with.

Normal-Types are too tied to the mundane, real world to be affected by Ghost energy's ethereal nature - but in turn, Normal attacks that cause damage can't even touch a Ghost. Fighting attacks are also far too focused on the physical realm to affect the elusive spirits. In addition, mundane attacks not powered by elemental energy (such as simple punches, or even bullets) do not affect Ghosts.

Ghost-types are most adept at fighting others of their type, but what the specters truly fear are Dark-Types - that type is highly inimical to a ghost and can severely damage them, and they resist Ghost energy in turn.

Attacks of this type are fairly few, but varied, and include a fair number of moves that drain the foe of life, power or strength (sometimes at cost to the user). Most moves focus on weakening the foe rather than strengthening the user.

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