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To get your character profile(s) posted on the PMM wiki character database, send an e-mail to Phineus at fuzzworm (at) with the subject line "PMM profile" with the profile form (see below) filled out for any any/all characters you would like posted. Much of the PMM Wiki Database file information is taken from your character's +finger profile, so please be sure this is up to date!

You may also have a profile posted for NPCs that you have created (perhaps your character has a child, co-worker or roommate that you prefer to spoof). There is a separate form for NPC profiles.

Character Name, Full Name & Aliases

Character Name is your character’s name as it is displayed on the MUSH (ex. "Savina"). Full Name is your character's full or legal name -- this would be what's on their ID card (ex. "Savina Watanabe"). Aliases are any nicknames or aliases your character has (ex. "Savi" or "She-Wolf").


Morphing can do odd things, so age isn't always apparent -- this could be your character’s actual age, or the age they appear to be.

Faction & Rank

Leave this blank if your character isn't a member of the PIA, Team Plasma, Seafangs or Friends of Nature.


Does your character have a job, or perhaps do any volunteer work?

IC Relationships

Friends, family or coworkers? Other characters that your character has an established relationship with!

Distinguishing Features

Anything that’s noticeable or makes your character stand out -- a notch in their left ear? A particular hat they always wear?

Common hangouts

Places your character spends a lot of time at!


Any information about your character's background you'd like to share. This can be as long or short as you like.


Any other information you'd like to include that's not already listed on your character's +finger or filled out above.


Please keep this image within the MUSH’s rating (PG-13 or under), and be sure you have permission to use the image for your character. You may post a link to an image online, or attach it within the e-mail. Please also list the artist’s name so credit can be given; your image will not be used on your profile if we are unable to credit the artist.

Player Name & Information

This is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. You may choose to list a common name you go by online (ex. Screenname356), your real name (ex. John D.), or just the name of your main character on the MUSH (ex. Phineus). You may also post some information about yourself if you choose You are not obligated to list your player name on every single profile you submit -- we respect the privacy of our players. You may also choose to list any information about yourself on a player page, such as where to find you outside of Pokemorph MUSH, messenger screennames, or anything else you'd like to share! (You may also choose only to list your name.)

Blank Profile Form for Characters

Sections marked with an asterisk (*) are optional.

Character Name:
Full Name*:
Faction & Rank:
IC Relationships*:
Distinguishing Features*:
Common hangouts*:

Artist’s Name*:

Player Name*:
Player Information*:

Blank Profile Form for NPCs

Sections marked with an asterisk (*) are optional. Please note the optional sections are different for NPCs than it is for player characters. Do not delete the title of this profile section.

NPC Name:
Full Name:
Faction & Rank:
Height & Weight:
Primary Color:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Distinguishing Features*:
IC Relationships*:

Artist's Name*: