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What is a Pokemorph? This section of the wiki should give you a good idea of who and what a Pokemorph is within the world of PokemorphMUSH.

What is a Pokemorph?

Simply put: an anthropomorphic, or humanified, Pokémon. For the purposes of this MUSH, Pokemorphs are a hybrid of Pokémon and human DNA. They cannot devolve, nor can these two “parts” be separated, nor are they of two minds: A Pokemorph is a unique, singular entity.

The manifestations of such hybrids can vary wildly, even among the same species! The majority of Pokemorphs will resemble a humanoid, bipedal base form with features of their Pokémon side. We at Pokemorph MUSH believe in allowing for player creativity and flexibility, within reason, while designing a Pokemorph character! For example, a Seviper-Morph may have legs, or may have only one pair of limbs. A Pikipek-Morph may have arms, legs and wings (six limbs total); or he may have wing-arms with hands and legs (four limbs total); or he may be more human and lack flight feathers entirely and simply have feathered, human-like arms.

Where did Pokemorphs come from?

Early in the twenty-first century, Team Rocket's science division began Project Armageddon. In short, the project involved infusing human DNA into captured and stolen Pokemon, thus turning them from average Pokemon into Pokemorphs, living weapons, and the 'perfect agents'. This was called The Change.

The process itself was a painful metamorphosis, taking well over ten days to complete. Eventually, the Pokemorphs were able to rise up against their captors, and the majority escaped. Most of the escaped Pokemorphs ultimately fled to Prism Island.

Since Rocket's initial creation of Pokemorphs, others have been able to harness the technology and create their own Pokemorphs, the most well known being Team Plasma and the Unovan Pokemorphs.

Other than on Prism Island within Plasma Tower, there are no other known current facilities worldwide creating Pokemorphs.

For more detailed dates and events please check out either Pokemorph Timeline or Mostly Complete Timeline for an even more extensive history.


Created by Gab and edited by Blackwhisker.

All Pokemorphs can easily fit into one of multiple origin categories: First Generation, Second Generation, Unovan, Liberated or Freebirths, and each have their own stories to tell.

First Generation

First Generation Pokemorphs were created by Team Rocket from existing Pokemon before the War. They were the first to be put through The Change. These Pokemorphs were kept in high-security island camps, and trained through starvation, beatings, and savage battle experience. The majority of older free Pokemorphs are First Generation, having escaped during or after the War.

First Gens tend to be rather dour and humorless, trying to get over the months, or more likely, years of torturous existence, and the subsequent violence and bloodshed of the War. First Gens also are generally more experienced in combat than other morphs, given they had to adapt to survive in the Pokemorph camps.

The majority of First Gens found freedom with the end of The War and lived varying lives in the wider world until coming to Prism Island. Those who remained in Team Rocket were often the most loyal to the cause and were all the more dangerous for it. Loyal First Gens were vastly out numbered by their Second Generation counterparts within Team Rocket as the years wore on. It was only through ongoing life experiences that some chose to escape at later dates.

First Generation Pokemorphs were created during the years of 2006 to 2016 (in game), and have spent between the last 42 to 32 years as a Pokemorph, on top of their lives as Pokemon before The Change.

Second Generation

Second Generation Pokemorphs were created by Team Rocket after the War and subsequent revision in the Pokemorphic procedure. While still frequently trained hard and treated poorly, Sec Gens were not subjected to nearly the level of harshness that First Gens were.

Initially created in various Rocket facilities around the world, the process was eventually centralized to Prism Island the Team Rocket facility located there. While some morphs were created in other facilities, as Rocket began to lose power on Prism, less and less morphs were created off-island.

Sec Gens were generally treated as low-level Rocket agents upon completion of basic combat and speech training. Many Sec Gens escaped while out on duty, and separated from the rest of their team. However, most Sec Gens remained with Team Rocket for vast portions of Team Rocket's existence on Prism Island.

Many Sec Gens tend to be more youthful and optimistic than First Gens. While their previous lives as Pokemon were still been stolen from them, their new existence (while trying) was not the nightmarish torture of the First Gens.

Second Gens are usually not as experienced as First Gens, but tend to be more resourceful and innovative in their thinking. Second Generation Morphing processes were done in the Team Rocket Headquarters to the south of the island, on the north coast of Kanto, and various other international Rocket bases before they closed down as Team Rocket's focus narrowed ever more on Prism Island.

Upon the destruction of the Team Rocket HQ on Prism Isle base and the fall of the organisation, there is no longer any known Rocket facilities creating Pokemorphs, either on Prism Isle or elsewhere.

Second Generation morphs were created during the years 2017 and 2041 (in game) and have spent anywhere between the last 7 to 31 years as Pokemorphs, on top of the years they were Pokemon before The Change.

Unovan Pokemorphs

Unovan Pokemorphs are technically part of the Second Generation, as Team Plasma took the Second Generation formula for Agent Armageddon for their morphing procedure; although they spent more time fine-tuning it and the process used (see here for more). Unovan Pokemorphs were not treated as foot soldiers or warriors, as most Rocket Pokemorphs were, but rather were told they were better than both humans and Pokemon. Unovan Pokemorphs generally take pride in being morphed. Most chose to be morphed, and feel superior to pure Pokemon and humans because of that (to varying degrees). They were given wide varieties of aptitude tests to find what jobs and professions they were best suited for, and then were trained in said jobs. Thus Unovan Pokemorphs are better trained in given professions, such as medicine, agriculture, law, construction, and many other vital professions; and while very basic combat training was available to all interested, it was hardly mandatory.

A very select few Unovan Pokemorphs, who demonstrated extreme amounts of loyalty to Team Plasma, as well as suitable traits for bodyguards, were given special combat training with the Shadow Triad, and awarded the title of 'Royal Guard,' trained to protect N when he became King.

See Unovan Pokemorphs for more information on Unovan life and the differences they faced to other generations of Pokemorphs.

Unovan-morphs were created between the years; 2023-2028, 20 to 25 years ago, with the process discontinued just before the fall of Ghetsis.


The newest generation of Pokemorphs, created by the Plasma Tower facility located on Prism Island by Pokemon who desire The Change. Liberated Pokemorphs are the first generation who have all openly choose to become Pokemorphs. With no coercing involved, it is only Pokemorn who truly want to be morphed that are able to go through the process. Once changed, these new morphs are eased into Prism society with the assistance of Team Plasma members and the larger Pokemorph community.

The process takes longer than the previous Second Generation, but is much closer monitored with appropriate failsafes to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for the Pokemon going through The Change. There is nothing of the horror and pain in the process that previous generations experienced.

The Liberated Generation only began in the year 2042 (in game).

Liberated are the only known generation of Pokemorphs being created in the world currently and are only being made at the facility on Prism island.


Freebirth Pokemorphs were never Pokemon: they are born of two Pokemorphs. They range in age from 41 years of age for those few born before the Rocket Camp was created, to having been born just now on Prism Island!

The first were born just before the Rocket Camp was created, with many more born during the Rocket Camp years. They were treated as mini First Gen Pokemorphs as their bodies became more capable. However, as this was the only existence those Freebirths knew, it was not as mentally destructive as it was to the First Gens themselves, none of which knew such a nightmarish existence before becoming Pokemorphs.

Freebirths born to Rocket-loyal Sec Gens, or First Gens still with the Team after the war, made the most loyal Pokemorph Rocket agents.

Then there are the Freebirth children of the free Pokemorphs on Prism. Morphs who were born and lived in the ever present shadow of Team Rocket but never lived a life of servitude to them. These morphs outlooks have gotten brighter over the years as Team Rocket turns into more of a vague memory than a reality for those left behind.

Unovan Freebirths born in Unova have some of the brightest and idealistic views of any Pokemorph. With various levels of superiority to those around them instilled into them by their parents, they are the only morphs to have gone into the human world with some degree of freedom and peace of mind. Even being brought to Prism Island or having been born there, many Unovan Freebirths look at the world as nothing but endless possibilities.

Without the harsh training of Team Rocket, and, with their varying degrees of youth, Freebirths born on Pokemorph Island typically make some of the least powerful fighters. However, the great potential of these Pokemorphs has been directed into pursuits other than fighting. They are the next generation! Freebirths are the future of Pokemorphs.

Freebirths were being born from the first year of Pokemorph creation onwards, though very very few survived the earliest years as breeding was not originally a high priority and care for those that were born was not ideal. It was only later, after the War that Freebirths became more prolific amongst Free morphs.

Pokemorph Life Points of Note

Pokemorphs, in a general sense, tend to be at least somewhat tougher, hardier and more resistant to disease and injury than humans, as well as most Pokémon. They are, however, far from invincible, especially when faced with attacks of opposing elements, and they are no strangers to injuries that inflict both humans and Pokémon.

Longevity can vary - while a Freebirth's natural lifespan is about that of an exceptionally fit human, genetic Pokemorphs (ie: First and Second Gens) have a degree of randomness to their lifespans determined by the morphing process- some live a little longer than humans and Freebirths, some a little shorter.

For more information on Aging, Recovering from injuries, medicine, diseases and death refer to Pokemorph Health.

Prism Life Before

For a more extensive history of Prism Island and morph history, look to either Basic Timeline or the fully comprehensive timeline.

Prism Island has gone through a tumultuous history. Starting with an economic break point that left it all but completely abandoned by it's original human residents, to the arrival of the outcast first wave of First Generation Pokemorphs, the appearance of Second Generation morphs and Team Rocket's prevalent intrusion upon the island and it's daily life, and then the later arrival of the Unovan morphs no longer welcome in their homeland. Now, in more recent years has come about the birth of the newest Generation of Pokemorphs: the Liberated.

When the first Pokemorphs arrived on Prism Island they had a significant uphill battle of making the derelict island into something livable again. With very few of the First Generation morphs having the skills needed, they relied heavily on Kanto government assistance and those few morphs who had some sort of useful past history before they were Changed to get them through those early years and making their new home somewhat livable.

With the accumulation of the majority population of Pokemorphs on Prism Island, it didn't take long for Team Rocket to once more appear and attempt to take back what they believed to be their rightful property. Having families and friends ripped apart by various Rocket circumstances was the norm for most during this time. Even on the smaller scale, every morph who has lived on Prism Island during the Rocket years knows one or more people who 'disappeared' under unusual or suspicious circumstances. Skirmishes were often and many over the years, culminating in numerous large scale events that resulted in massive property damage and loss of life.

It seemed like out of nowhere when it was announced that there were new morphs in Unova and then no time at all before they were being shipped to join those already on Prism Island. These morphs were very different to the Rocket-made agents (current or former) that called the island home. Unovan morphs were created to rule a new world, they were skilled, resourceful, many had built lives for themselves in their few years of freedom before coming to Prism and were transporting everything over with them. It was a sudden influx of skilled and capable morphs who didn't have the self doubt or war stories that made up the lives of most of the current Prism residents.

With the arrival of Unovan morphs it wasn't too long before Team Plasma followed them. Unlike Team Rocket, the Plasma agents came to help the Unovan morphs settle into their new lives instead of try and take them back. Upon arrival they faced many protests and complaints, culminating in the destruction of their original public HQ, it was a very rocky start for Plasma on Prism Island. It was the eventual defeat of Team Rocket with Plasma assistance that finally won over the islands residents to their cause.

Prism Life Now

With the removal of Team Rocket from Prism Island and the lives of those on it, things have mostly been good for the island's residents in recent years.

The government has since become its own entity, no longer relying on Kanto for ongoing support as it looks to tourism and the various cottage industries created by the island residents to keep it prosperous. Foreign relations are the best they have ever been, with easy access between Prism and the Alolan Islands, special concessions allowed for those wishing to visit Unova, and the possibility of improved relations with many other regions.

Prism's borders themselves are wide open, allowing a multitude of humans and Pokemon from all around the world to visit as they please. This has caused humans to become a common sight in recent years as numerous tourism companies provide everything from 5 star ritz to down in the dirt, living off the grid, experiences for anyone interested who want to visit the island.

The government of Prism Island is socialist, as established during Reginald Highwind's Governorship; and together with Plasma, the government manages to offer various public services and support provide housing, food, healthcare and other basic necessities to its citizens. However, some individuals still slip through the cracks, and there is an emerging gap between the rich and poor of Prism's populace.
Many 'morphs murmur with resentment of the humans who can come and go as they please, while they, are for the most part, bound to the island with very little prospects of ever leaving for more than a holiday to Alola.
Crime remains an ongoing backbone for many who have never known a life otherwise, especially without the Team Rocket infrastructure to support them. Scratch hard enough, and you can find a seedy underbelly for those who wish to look, hidden behind the sunshine, smiles and easy-going life of the wider island.

Team Rocket Camps

Although the Pokemorph Camps have been completely demolished, they've had lasting impact in the lives of First Generation Pokemorphs and the earliest of the Freebirths. The Pokemorph Camps were constructed on a cluster of islands, the largest, central island roughly the size of a small city. Save for the difference in sizes, and the specific Pokemorphs held, there were no major differences between the seven islands. The center of each island was dominated by a large central training facility, including the barracks for human Rockets. Immediately surrounding that facility, six additional facilities were constructed, each one between the main building and a section of Pokemorph huts. The huts that housed the Pokemorphs were small, only covering 100 square feet of area, and divided into six sections. The organization of the Pokemorphs into the sections was under constant revision, and Pokemorphs were constantly moved from hut to hut, and even island to island.

Training of First Gen Pokemorphs was brutal and inhumane. The first thing all Pokemorphs were taught was how to speak human language properly (most often Japanese and English), generally by simply whipping or beating the morph until they forced themselves to speak coherently. After that, each Pokemorph was trained differently, to suit the specializations Rocket chose for them, be it simply combat, assassination, espionage, hacking, demolitions, or whatever else, constantly under the threat of brutal punishment for failure. All Pokemorphs were given some degree of combat training, which consisted mostly of life or death battles with agents or other Pokemorphs, along with occasional beatings labeled as training for endurance. Even the least combative of First Gen Pokemorphs was forced to the level of prowess to easily defeat several combat specialist humans simultaneously. Pokemorphs were fed a bland-tasting, but hearty concoction much like gruel once per day, and sleep was restricted to five hours a night, and then only when the particular Pokemorph didn't have training that night. Most now-freed First Gen Pokemorphs are loathe to talk of the Pokemorph Camps, but few can go a day without remembering them.

Unovan Life

The Pokemorphs who were morphed in Unova by Team Plasma had a very different set of living conditions from Team Rocket's Morphs. Firstly, they were there by choice, which also meant living conditions were much more inviting. The sleeping arrangements were slightly cramped, Unovans slept in halls of bunk rooms. They each had their own bed, but many had no possessions, and so little to no storage was provided (merely two drawers under each bed). Food was mass produced; while not disgusting, it was rarely more than palatable. There were both recreation areas for sports and relaxation, as well as large areas devoted to job training and study. A full digital library was furnished and all had access to it. Instructors for job training came on a weekly schedule, most were taught in a lecture-like setting; the rest of the time they were taught by more advanced students, or reading the literature available on a chosen subject. Despite having plenty of freedom in the lower parts of Team Plasma's castle, Morphs were still subjected to grueling labor to continue construction of said castle. Roughly half of one's week was likely to be devoted to physical labor on construction, though work schedules were designed with individual schedules in mind, to guarantee that the workers would both be able to learn the skills they need, while still being able to put in as much time as any other.

After the International Police found the Unovan Pokemorphs in the depths of Team Plasma's base, an attempt was made to integrate the Pokemorphs into society as a whole. They lived the same style of life as humans did in Unova, in almost every aspect. With the job training from Plasma, they took many average jobs, lived in average cities, houses, and communities. There was plenty of segregation, however; as while Unovans as a whole were more accepting of Pokemorphs than many other cultures, issues with coexisting started to appear. Jobs became a heated topic, as Morphs who were more efficient due to increased physical strength or a natural aptitude (such as a Water-type fisherman), felt their work was worth more; while humans felt threatened as they felt Morphs were taking over human jobs. Also of note were Morph-only sports teams. These also became a problem, as Morphs had a physical advantage over humans; together with elemental powers, many humans felt the Morph sports leagues were more interesting, eventually causing strife between the two leagues. Humans began to protest Morphs, and protests began to escalate into violent incidents. Riots began to happen frequently, and eventually the Unovan Pokemorphs rallied to request their own city to live in. This request ended up being deemed impossible to fill; and in the end, the decision was made to send the Morphs to Pokemorph Island.