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Pokemorph Island Division

Galatea Hawthorne
Aliases: none
Species: Bronzor-Morph

Make: Second Generation

Rank: Scientist

Primary Color: Metallic Greenish-Blue

Height/Weight: 5'3"/504 lbs

Gender: Female

Approx Age: 18

Partner: None

Hair Color: Dark Blue-Green

Eye Color: Pale Yellow

Distinguishing Features: Bronzor-like facial/neck markings
ATTACKS: Tackle, Confusion, Hypnosis, Imprison, Confuse Ray, Extrasensory, Iron Defense, Safeguard, Gyro Ball, Future Sight (TMs: Calm Mind, Psychic, Hidden Power (Steel), Flash Cannon)
HISTORY: Galatea was the end result of a pet project of inorganic-Pokemon researcher Dr. Walter Hawthorne, and after her training, she returned to the labs to aid him in his research. She has proven to be capable in the lab, with high intelligence and motivation towards scientific pursuits. Having been hatched and raised in the Rocket base, she has never lived outside of the Tea's auspices and is exceedingly loyal.