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Pokemorph Island Division

Franz Bruzan
Aliases: none
Species: Human

Make: Human

Rank: Scientist

Primary Color: Pale White Skin

Height/Weight: 5'11"/156 lbs

Gender: Male

Approx Age: 40-50 years

Partner: None

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Bright Green

Distinguishing Features: pallid skin, mutters to himself alot
ATTACKS: Fritz (Arcanine) Flare Blitz, Thunder Fang, Extreme Speed (Franz's Combat Training: Hand Gun Marksmanship and Field Medic Training)
HISTORY: Originally an employee in the genetics department of Silph Co. who helped develop the mutagen formula used in The Change. Was transferred to the base on Pokemorph Island after the destruction of the Sliph Co. building.