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Wingull, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

The Flying-type is a quite common subtype in the world of Morphs - with the only pure Flying-type being the legendary Pokémon Tornadus - but the name is a bit of a misnomer. Though most Flyers bear wings or avian resemblances, this is not always the case - some species cannot actually fly and merely drift or glide on the wind.

Morphs with this subtype have a slight tendency to favor higher-up places (more pronounced in flight-capable 'Morphs), and have a natural sensitivity to air currents, wind, and air pressure.

Due to variations in the morphing process, some Flying-type Pokemorphs can end up with wings that are too small to bear them in flight, while others may sprout an entirely new set of limbs (!) to give them seperate arms and wings. The latter often find achieving flight difficult with their mutated anatomy, and some Flying-types are simply unable to ever achieve flight unaided by elemental moves such as Fly.

Note that flightlessness in any fashion does not divest a Flying-Type of their Ground immunity, nor does a flight-capable 'morph even need to be in the air to preserve the immunity, thanks to their inherent connection to the sky. There are a few moves that provide exceptions to this rule - such as Roost or Gravity.

Flying-types tend to be vulnerable to Electric-typed attacks, even with both feet on the ground. Their type advantage over Bug-Types is perhaps related to the common avian and chiropteran diets of insect, and the common nimbleness of Flying-types allow them to flit circles around Fighting-types.

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Electric, Ice, Rock Bug, Fighting, Grass, Ground (immune) Bug, Fighting, Grass Electric, Rock, Steel