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Magmar, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Fire-types (slang: Flamer) tend to have a much higher body temperature than most Pokemorphs; often radiating heat from their own body quite freely, even in the form of open flames in some species! Use of Fire-typed abilities and attacks tends to increase outer temperature even further, so naturally 'morphs of this type would be well-advised to invest in flame-retardant clothing - which is fortunately readily available on the island from a number of Pokemorph-oriented tailors.

Despite a weakness to elemental Water, most Fire-morphs are not affected adversely by mundane water, and can bathe or shower by conventional means. Some Fire-types will invest in steam baths, where the moisture is often low enough not to bother them. However, many flamers still shun water, and prefer to keep themselves clean by burning off dirt - this hygiene technique requires caution, as only Fire-morphs with the Flash Fire ability are immune to the burning effects of fire; all other flamers are merely highly resistant. Lava baths are not very popular, as the intense heat of magma will melt the flesh of even Fire-types with the Flash Fire ability (to say nothing of the toxic gases that thrive near open lava!). The sole exception is Slugmas or Magcargos, as they have a different composition from other Fire-types.

Morphs of this type cannot manipulate natural fire, but flames issuing from their own attacks can be influenced into vague shapes; note that this ability requires a great deal of practice to do and maintain. On that note, Fire-morphs are not restricted to blasting fire attacks from their mouth. Many 'morphs choose to issue flame attacks from their hands, or sometimes other sources of open fire on their bodies (such as a Ponyta-morph's tail).

The absolute maximum temperature that can be produced by a Fire-Type Pokemorph or attack is around 1300-1400 degrees Celsius (2370-2550 degrees Fahrenheit), and even then only by the most devastating attacks (like Blue Flare or Blast Burn), and still only by the most powerful and well-trained of Pokemorphs. Thus, only some metals can be melted by a Pokemorph under any circumstances- and it often takes long, sustained blasts that can be quite draining. However, flamers are still popular choices for smithys as their inherent elemental ability makes the heat of a forge tolerable or even comfortable.

Rain can be be uncomfortable but is usually tolerable - but has the distressing side effect of weakening a Fire-Type's power and in extreme cases, dropping their body temperature, which can lead to hypothermia and energy loss. Exhaustion is a serious danger if the condition is prolonged, due to the body needing to expend more power to replace body heat rapidly being lost by a cold, sopping Fire-morph. A strong Fire-type can maintain a submerged flame for a short time (much like a blowtorch can operate underwater), but the drain is considerable and it will eventually 'fizzle,' with the Pokemorph sapped of strength.

A slight variant is seen in Slugma- and Magcargo-morphs - becoming wet is a danger in that it can cause their bodies to harden and movement to be restricted, due to their magma-like composition.

Even minor attacks powered by Water-typed energy, such as Water Gun, are considerably more damaging than a mundane water blast of the same velocity and pressure, much like other typings that Fire has weaknesses to, like Rock or Ground.

Fire-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Ground, Rock, Water Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water