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Heracross, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Fighting-types usually possess particularly impressive physical strength, especially for 'morphs. Those that choose to follow a life of battle tend to learn even the most mundane moves with an instinctual speed. Other Fighters prefer a more meditative lifestyle, or very rarely, entirely pacifistic. Discipline and stamina tend to be strong points in this elemental typing.

Most 'morphs of this typing eschew all weapons but those natural to them: fists, feet, and any other body part that can be used to inflict damage, as these are by far best avenues to focus Fighting-type energy. However, the varieties of this typing that utilize ranged energy blasts, such as Focus Blast, have allowance for greater creativity in their methods of focusing their attacks.

Any physically-oriented Fighter has fine control over their elemental energy during battle, creating intensely focused buildups of power in a fist (or foot or tail) and releasing a burst of energy on contact with enough force to pulverize even the normally potent defenses of the sturdy Rock, Ice and Steel-types. On the flipside, with Fighters' power so firmly bound to the physical realm, Fighting-Type attacks are completely unable to harm Ghost-Types at all, an immunity only negated by the use of the attack Foresight.

While the popular stereotype that all Fighting-types are musclebound idiots is untrue, Fighters do have a strong focus on the physical side of battle and the extreme discipline required for their elemental style can leave their mental defenses wanting, regardless of the 'morph's actual intelligence; this causes Fighting-types to be vulnerable to Psychic assaults. The aerial assaults of Flying-Types and clever strikes of Fairy-types can also prove painful for a Fighting-type without a secondary typing to counter.

Additional Abilities
Fighting Types have natural mastery of their body movements and are also far stronger than their bodies might allow them to be. Fighting types can also, through training, focus, and determination, develop a very short range form of foresight, being able to sense attacks a quarter second before they hit!

Fighting-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Fairy, Flying, Psychic Bug, Dark, Rock Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel Bug, Fairy, Flying, Ghost (immune), Poison, Psychic