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Jigglypuff, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Fairy-types are thought of as whimsical, friendly, mischievous Pokémon and 'morphs, which is often true -- though the level of 'mischievous' can range from 'once drew a moustache on a sleeping friend's face with toothpaste' to 'pushes someone down the stairs and laughs herself to tears at the results'. Fairies may also be stereotyped as fussy or effeminate (regardless of gender), which is considerably less true. Fairy-morphs are often fun-loving to the point of hedonism.

While there are many Fairy-morphs that are introverted or asocial, they have an innate sense of empathy or manipulation and can be quite charming if they so choose. Many Fairy-morphs also have an appealing appearance, just as with the base Pokémon, and that can lend them a hand in convincing a new friend (or victim) of their innocence or honesty. The Fae often feel a strong connection to the moon and its cycles and feel an urge to keep a crepuscular or nocturnal cycle, though being active during daylight hours does them no harm.

Fairy attacks are rarely offensive, and tend to focus more often on status changes, manipulating the field of battle or their opponent. The few attacks of this type that cause damage tend to be energy-based, ranged moves and often have added effects, such as reducing the target's Attack.

Fairy Pokémon are often species that are considered cuddly and adorable, and Fairy-morphs may find some frustration with this enduring cliché. This idea is often held by those who have never met a trained Fairy in battle, however; their reputation as Dragon slayers is not without merit! Dragon-type attacks are shrugged off with a laugh, and Fairy energy is one of the few elements that can bring a Dragon to its knees. Fighting and Dark-types are also easily brought down by Fairies. The versatile Fae only have two types they fear: Steel and Poison, both of which can cut through a Fairy-type's clever defenses.

Additional Abilities
Many fairy types have many different special abilities, all coming from different folklores and fairy tales, though it's less 'Fairy types have special abilities' and more 'Each fairy type has a special ability or two'. Some examples include general empathy, manipulation of peoples emotional states for the Fairies benefit, and being able to drain some strength and vitality from other 'morphs by being in close proximity. These effects seem to work much better on Dragons, too! Just remember, just because one Fairy can do something doesn't mean all fairies can do that thing, even if two fairies share a species their abilities may differ.
Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Poison, Steel Bug, Dark, Dragon (immune), Fight Dark, Dragon, Fighting Fire, Poison, Steel