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There are many different factions that operate on Prism Island, both known and unknown. All are important in the scheme of things, no matter how loved or hated, and contribute to the delicate balance that the Island currently rests on.

Team Rocket (Defunct)

Main article: Team Rocket

Team Rocket was, by far, the largest group working together on the Island. Many Pokemorphs had, for a time, stayed with their creators and served TR with varying degrees of willingness and passion. Following the destruction of their base, however, the team has apparently ceased operating on the island.

The Pokemorph Intelligence Agency

Main article: Pokemorph Intelligence Agency

The Pokemorph Intelligence Agency, usually abbreviated to the much shorter 'PIA', works as the Island's police-type force. Their officers enforce the peace as well as the laws of the Island, including the much protested illegal possession of firearms. More information coming soon.

Hydra (Defunct)

Main article: Hydra

Hydra was a resistance group of vigilantes that wee best known for their repeated actions against Team Rocket. Their methods often circumvented the normal statutes of law. As of Sept 2040 IC time, Hydra has closed for business.


Main article: Seafangs

The Seafangs are a modern group of sea pirates, formed of Water-type Pokemorphs.

Team Plasma

Main article: Plasma

Seeking repentance for their crimes in Unova, Plasma is a charitable organization looking to improve the lives of 'morphs through various public works projects. It is also rumored that some members of Plasma are striking down perpetrators of violent crime from the shadows, particularly those who have harmed the weak or elderly.

The Friends of Nature

Main article: The Friends of Nature

The Friends of Nature are a group of humans who believe that Pokemorphs are a mistake of nature and should be eradicated.