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Zebstrika, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Electric-typed Pokemorphs (slang: Shockers) are a fairly common type of Pokemorph present on Prism Island. Such morphs are usually naturally attuned to notice the presence of electricity or electrical currents. Magnetic fields are also noticeable, and the weaker sorts can be potentially disrupted by the use of Thunder Wave or a similar move, but industrial-strength fields (such as those commonly employed around important businesses and facilities to prevent intrusion via Teleports and ghosts) are too strong to be interrupted by any electric 'morph. And while it will not harm a shocker to be within such a field, prolonged exposure to powerful /electromagnets/ can seriously harm or sicken such a 'morph by disrupting the electricity sources within them. The process is quite painful to experience.

The average amount of volts that a pure Electric-type can produce is around 100,000 - though some variation is to be expected: early evolutions tend to be weaker, and some stronger 'morphs or ones with extensive training can produce a slightly higher amount. It is also difficult for a shocker to maintain his maximum amperage for sustained periods, much less in a steady current; an Electric-type trying to run his toaster with his own power is very likely to overload the circuits and fry it.

The preferred areas for storing and/or discharging electric energy by an Electric-morph depends largely on the base Pokémon. Some examples are fur (Electrike), claws (Luxio), and cheek pouches (Pachirisu). Electric-morphs are able to replenish depleted electric-type energy by touching a generator, outlet or other source of electricity. Do note that while this can recharge them, this option has a number of hazards: even a shocker can be electrocuted (with the exception of 'morphs with the ability Volt Absorb), and there is a risk of 'overcharge' if too much electricity is taken in. Overcharge is a painful condition that can result in flu-like symptoms and an agonizing leaking of excess electricity. In addition, recharging via electrical devices and outlets poses a high risk of damaging the power source itself (only YOU can prevent city blackouts!).

Electric energy is both similar and different from real electricity in a number of ways. Electric-type attacks have little of the element's natural tendencies to strike metal or the highest point, thankfully; unless of course a tall metal object is the intended target. However, such energy does tend to share most of natural electricity's conductive and nonconductive properties. Water and copper conduct Electric energy fairly well, and it's mostly (though not totally) inhibited by non-conductive materials such as rubber. While it's by no means impossible for a shocker to enjoy the local water park, caution is required so as not to allow any sparks to 'leak' for the sake of the safety and comfort of others in the water!

Such attacks are especially destructive to Water-typed morphs, for obvious reasons; as well as Flying-types, as they tend to attract such strikes even when not necessarily airborne at the time. The bane of shockers is Ground-Types - not only are they completely immune to the most fearsome of Bolt Strikes, but Ground attacks are also distressingly effective against an unfortunate Electric-type.

Many Electric attacks also have a chance of temporarily paralyzing a foe via disrupting their nervous systems, making movement exceedingly difficult for the target so affected until the charge fades.

Additional Abilities
Electric Types have a host of minor innate abilities regarding Electricity. They have a decently strong electromagnetic sense and can sense electrical currents, as well as having the ability to manipulate and redirect electricity with their body with some pain and discomfort.

Electric-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Ground Electric, Flying, Steel Flying, Water Dragon, Electric, Grass, Ground (immune)