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Bagon, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Though notoriously extremely rare in the wilds of the continents, hard to find at all, breeding programs and the fondness of Pokémon trainers for this reputedly strong type has provided enough of a basis for Dragons to be a more common typing to be found among Pokemorphs than might be expected. Though traditionally Dragon-type Pokémon are viewed as almost legendary themselves, the population manipulation has dimmed this view when it comes to Pokemorphs.

Most Dragon-types have wings - or gain them via evolution in later stages - and thus have flight capabilities, even if they do not share a Flying typing. The vagaries of the Change may render some Dragons flightless, however. Dragon-types tend to become very powerful offensive fighters if they choose to train themselves; though they may focus on defense with good results.

Dragon-types tend to mature the slowest of almost any Pokemorph- both growing slowly physically and reaching their evolutions far later than most other types. Accounting for the variances of the Change, some 'morphs of this type may display a longer lifespan than other types; though this is conjecture, as few Pokemorphs have died of old age yet.

Dragon-typed attacks are very straight forward and powerful- as this type is founded in conflict, such attacks tend to be strictly offensive in nature, with the cost of having an extremely limited movepool- there just isn't that many of them. Dragon attacks also tend to consume very large amounts of energy when utilized.

The iron defenses of Steel-Types can blunt a Dragon-type attack, while the clever Fairy-Types can avoid a Dragon attack entirely. Dragons themselves resist the energy of several of the more primary elemental forces- Fire, Water, Electric and Grass. Dragons are at their peak when fighting others of their kind- though they're weak in return to their foe's attacks, of course! Dragon-Types fear Ice and Fairy energy beyond any other attack - not only can they not counterattack as effectively as they can another Dragon, but in many cases, a Dragon-type that has a secondary type that only increases their weakness to Ice energy.

Additional Abilities
Dragons act the part of legendary beasts by boasting increased physical abilities all around. Dragon-types are physical stronger, more resistant to weathering and damage, and have increased endurance over your average other morph. However, Dragon-Types do have one glaring weakness to their heightened physical abilities: The special powers of a Fairy-Type, whatever they may be, are more effective against Dragons of any sort.

Dragon-type Attacks

Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Dragon, Fairy, Ice Electric, Fire, Grass, Water Dragon Fairy (immune), Steel