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Weavile, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

Dark-types tend to have an ill reputation for being cruel, opportunistic and shady characters; one that may or may not be deserved- it's true that 'morphs of this type do tend towards more unsavory personality traits, but far from every Dark-type is a terrible person. The actions of the Sinister Six, the first Dark-Typed morphs, have earned Dark-types a lasting ill reputation among the older generation on the island; young Freebirths, Unovans and some Second-Gens lack this prejudice.

Pokémon of this type were unable to undergo the Change until developments in the Second Generation; thus, no Dark-Typed First Gens exist unless they were 'morphed as a lower evolution and only gained the Dark typing once they evolved (such as a First-Gen Eevee-Morph evolving into an Umbreon-Morph). Even so, evolved First-Gen Dark-Types tend to be rare, as the imperfections in the first Change serum sometimes proved fatal to 'morphs upon evolving to a Dark-type.

Most Dark-types are nocturnal, for obvious reasons, but it's not impossible to encounter one that's adapted or even prefers to go about her business in the daylight. Dark-types tend to have excellent night vision; sometimes even better than their sight in broad daylight. Some Dark-Types prefer to literally lurk in the shadows; others may have a strong connection with the moon and moonlight.

Unless under the effect of the feared Miracle Eye, Dark-types are totally immune to manifestations of Psychic power- their typing effectively cancels all damage from Psychic attacks, and their minds cannot be read or probed, nor can they be moved bodily via telekinesis or teleportation. Dark-types can hear telepathic projection if they intentionally concentrate, however, and a clever Psychic can determine where a Dark-type is by scanning an area and noting the 'blank spot'.

Dark-type attacks are often highly opportunistic, underhanded, sneaky and brutal in nature, though naturally the intent and the means they're used in depends on the wielder. Nonetheless, their primary utilities are to crush, steal, debilitate, backstab or retaliate, and they tend to do that job quite effectively- but particularly against the Psychic-Types and the ever-evasive and ethereal Ghosts. Some Dark attacks also manipulate a foe's emotions or abilities to their own benefit.

Additional Abilities
Dark-Types have total immunity to the damage of Psychic type stats, as their type normally grants, but Dark-Types also boast immunity to all of the additional powers that Psychic types have, including Mind Reading and Telekinesis! They are still susceptible to psychic-type status moves, such as Telekinesis (the move) and Hypnosis

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