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The community of Pokemorph MUSH includes many people from all over the world. Because of this, and the diversity of the internet, there are many extra features made by members of the pokemorph community for each other.

Bulletin Board Backup

The Bulletin Boards on the MUSH that can be read by typing +bbread had gotten long with old information from years past. Thusly, Akito took it upon herself to organize and trim down the boards. Now the past messages are located on the website and can be read at any time.

Team Rocket Online Case Files

As an organized crime syndicate, Team Rocket has information on all of their current members and many of the former ones, as well. They also keep a running database of traitors to their Team, who should all be sought out and dealt with in the appropriate fashion. With the help of those willing to write files for their characters, Akito created this compilation of IC Rocket information on the characters residing on Pokemorph Island.

LiveJournal Community

This is an IC journal community for the LJ users of Pokemorph MUSH created and maintained by Gab and Phineus. Here you can post entries about your characters' lives for everyone to read or read the entries everyone posts. To join, simply submit a request on the LJ community, then use the @mail function on the MUSH to send Phineus a message with your LJ name.

PMM Code

Here is a PMM specific code you can create for your different characters that you can display on your +oocfinger to give people an idea of what your character, and a little of yourself, is like.

Mailing List

If you want to receive news about Pokemorph MUSH through your email every time there is a major change to the MUSH, you can sign up for the mailing list here.