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Combat between pokemorphs on the Island breaks out for many reasons. Sometimes there are scuffles between factions, other times pokemorphs merely spar with their friends to keep their bodies in shape. Pokemorphs have a virtually unlimited capacity to learn and use attack moves, unlike normal Pokemon’s moveset of four. However, just because Fault has no “kicking” attacks doesn’t mean he can’t kick someone. It just wouldn’t be anywhere near as damaging as Mega Kick. Many Pokemorphs are trained in standard hand-to-hand combat, and can use regular attacks, and many are skilled in weapons. While an attack like Flamethrower couldn’t be executed without the move training, a Charizard could still rake someone with his claws. Scratch, Slash or Fury-Swipes would indicate proficiency and heavy damage with such natural weapons as claws.

There's a range of endurance among Pokemorphs. Some are more frail than humans. Most probably just push above the limits achievable by humans as far as the ability to take punishment. Someone like a Steelix-morph or Aggron-morph could get hit by a speeding car and walk away sore for it. It can vary quite a bit. The 'typical' first gen could probably take two or three times as many punches as a very tough human could take.


As PMM is a consent-based MUSH, all battling and fighting between characters on PMM falls under the consent law. Technically, you cannot have your character so much as lean on another player's character without his or her OOC permission, let alone harm them in any way.

This is one of our most important rules. Most players are too shy or cooperative to object when you start forcing your character's actions upon them. While this may seem okay, it is very damaging to the other player who assumes that is how things are supposed to be done. Consent is a responsibility you have as a player. Doing something to another player's character or property without their consent is considered twinking or power-playing, and is not tolerated.

There are several ways of acquiring this OOC permission without turning it into an embarrassing drama.

You can pose an ATTEMPT:

Reginald smirks, then brings an arm up to lean on Nidonocu.

And wait to see if they pose a reaction:

Nidonocu glances down at the arm as it rests on his shoulder.


Phineus side-steps, avoiding contact with the arm.

You can ASK:

Phineus pages Battie with: Mind if I lift your character off the ground? I won't hurt her, just picking her up.


Battie pages Phineus with: Sure.


Phineus picks Battie up by the scruff, bringing her to eye level with him.


Battie pages Phineus with: I'd rather you didn't.


Phineus tries to grab Battie, but she's too fast for him to catch.

If you feel that the RP you are in or one you have been in is a violation of your consensual rights, don't hesitate to consult any admin on the matter. RP situations that are a violation can be retconned (tossed out of IC-continuity).


Main article: Learning Attacks

Pokemorphs can learn attacks many different ways, just as pokemon can. When you apply, you pick a moveset from one of the games for your pokemorph's attacks and stick with it. Different movesets display different fighting styles. Pokemorphs have the capacity to learn and remember more than just four attacks as they level up. However, to keep from overpowering characters we ask that pokemorphs start with not more than four TM/HM/Bred moves. But as your character progresses on the MUSH, you can continue to add attacks to their attack list.