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This wiki uses the most recent standardized movesets for attacks learned by leveling up. Some attack information is relayed from The Veekun Pokédex and Bulbapedia.

For information about adding a new attack to your profile please visit the Learning Attacks page.

A few facts about attacks

  • Instead of turns, attacks that create or change weather or hazards last only a few minutes and in a localized area. Also see Category:Attacks that affect weather.
  • Attacks don't necessarily come out of the mouth; that's often just a place pokemorphs find it easier to focus energy through. For example, some pokemorphs may find it easier to focus attacks through a horn or their hands.
  • Pokemorphs cannot use two attacks simultaneously; however, they may pair up with a partner to use two seperate attacks at the same time.
  • Except for Frustration and Return, the power of attacks and abilities are not increased by strong emotions. However, pokemorphs may tend to be less controlled about using their powers when upset or otherwise stressed.
  • Pokemorphs can have duplicate attacks on their attack list, but having two of the same attack has no real benefit or effect.
  • Pokemorphs know when they'd no longer gain benefits from attacks, i.e. using the attack Light Screen twice in a row.
  • Pokemorphs can only know a moveset from one of the games at a time. It is possible to switch movesets, however. If switching to another moveset would cause a Pokemorph to forget any move, that pokemorph would also have to forget all moves that came after that move. This represents a significant change in fighting styles, and even learning the same attacks again would be done slowly, over months. To repeat, Pokemorphs are not capable of learning two movesets to gain additional attacks.
  • Pokemorphs do not have PP limiting the amount of times they may use a single attack; however, attacks still cost energy to use, and more powerful attacks expend more energy. As a rule of thumb, the less PP an attack would have for a Pokemon, the more draining the attack is for a Pokemorph to perform.
  • Pokemorphs are capable of using any attacks outside of battle, to varying degrees of usefulness. An Electric-type would have difficulty maintaining fine enough control over Thunder to power any electronics; but a Pokemorph could use Agility for a speed boost to help catch the bus! Inversely, Pokemorphs are quite capable of slashing with claws, biting, flying, etc. without the use of attacks; but even a bite with strong jaws will lack the added elemental power of Bite.
  • The effects of attacks are the same as they are for Pokemon, with a few exceptions. See the individual articles below for these exceptions.

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