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Team Rocket's Online Case Files

Pokemorph Island Division

Aliases: None
Species: Quilava-Morph

Make: Second Generation

Team: None

Primary Color: Dark Blue/Cream

Height/Weight: 4'0"/45 lbs

Gender: Male

Approx Age: 19

Rank/Partner: None/None

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Red

Distinguishing Features: none
Residence: unknown
ATTACKS: Tackle, Growl
HISTORY: Captured in the wild as a Quilava, Bupkis lost his fire abilities (And as such his resistance to flame) as a result of a mixture of factors, including the method in which he was captured, and as a result of the morphing process. Bupkis was employed as a technician, tasked with the repair and maintenance of Rocket-owned electronics. During a raid on a shipment of capture balls, Bupkis lost his composure and surrendered to PIA forces. His whereabouts are currently unknown.