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Ledyba, illustrated by PEARL MODE.

One of the most common Pokémon types in the wild; Bug-types predictably encompass many arthropods. They are not as common a subject for Pokemorphs as other typings, perhaps due to the belief that they are commonplace and weak. Due to the the quirks of the Change, Bug-morphs may (or may not!) retain features of their Pokémon base species such as flight, compound vision, multiple eyes and/or limbs, and extreme sensitivity to sound vibrations or odors.

Of all the typings, Bugs tend to mature the fastest - they grow faster physically than other 'morphs, and also reach their final evolutions long before a similarly-aged 'morph has reached their second of three. Thankfully, however, this is rarely accompanied by a shortened lifespan.

Pesticides used to repel Bug Pokémon from crops are not fatal to Pokemorphs of this type, but they certainly don't like them, and high exposure can still be toxic. Bug-morphs tend to prefer the company of their own species or type, though there are many exceptions; moreover, Bug-morphs tend to be extroverted, gregarious or social people.

Occasionally a Bug-morph's evolution can prove hampering or debilitating, particularly those with a pupal stage in their evolution. Such a state leaves the unfortunate Bug-morph immobile and sometimes even catatonic until they are able to evolve again. Fortunately, medical facilities on Pokemorph Island are trained and equipped to make a pupal Bug comfortable, and can even apply a medication developed with Rare Candies that can help to stimulate evoluation. Also, the drastic shift in metabolism and body functionality that comes with many Bug evolutions can also prove difficult to adjust to (to say nothing of the bizarre nature of a Nincada evolution). Depending on the Bug, 'morphs of this type tend to have either fairly low or fairly high metabolisms. Some Bug-types tend towards a more vegetarian or sugar-high diet; but yet there are other Bug-morphs that are exclusively carnivores.

The humble Bug-types can pierce the defenses of the feared Psychic and Dark-Types, though in turn they have no resistance to their counter-attacks. It is perhaps an allusion to the typical insectile predation of vegetable matter that they also fare well against Grass-Types, both offensively and defensively (though they share that type's fear of fire) - and likewise, the avian predation of insects, as well as the sensitivity of bugs to wind and air, makes Flying-Types a bane of the Bugs.

Additional abilities
Bugs have a small host of abilities. Firstly, their brain structure makes them hard to read to psychic types (though not impossible) and sometimes painful to try and read. Bug types also have increased general adaptability, being able to adjust things like their sleep schedule and diet and metabolism quickly. Lastly, Bug types have a very powerful regenerative ability over long periods of time, being able to overload their metabolism (with all included negatives, such as increased appetite and loss of body weight if they don't eat enough) and regrow even lost limbs over the course of a few months.
Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Fire, Flying, Rock Fighting, Grass, Ground Grass, Psychic, Dark Fairy, Fire, Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel