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Pokemorph MUSH's Online Database - Bailey

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Bailey Claire Ann
Aliases: n/a
Species: Miltank-Morph

Make: Freebirth

Faction & Rank: --

Primary Color: Pink

Height & Weight: 5'3", 125 lbs

Gender: Female

Approx. Age: 20

Ability: Scrappy

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Occupation: Owner and sole worker of Oldale Ranch
Distinguishing Features: None
Relationships: Reginald (Acquaintance)
Hangouts: Oldale Ranch, Jerk City Coffeehouse, Diner
ATTACKS: Tackle, Stomp, Milk Drink, Rollout, Body Slam, Ice Beam (TM), Surf (HM)
PROFILE: Just because Bailey bought a run-down farm doesn't mean she's gullible. This kindly, yet potentially hot-tempered Miltank can tell if a pony is yanking her chain! Smart, laid back yet hard-working, this lady is quite the friend to have in the long run. Just don't mention prep cooking to her - that's kind of a sore spot for the lady.

Bailey rather appreciates anyone who can cook well, as she's kind of a horrific chef, herself.