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Vandalism at FoN                   Sun Aug 03         News Reporter

"...fled without taking any money from the register. He got away but left the $5 tip and all the doughnuts, the witness said. And now to Tracy on East Oak Street."

The camera switches to the street outside Friends of Nature where there is a group of onlookers, and a Clefairy-morph squaring her shoulders and holding a microphone. "Thanks Bob. Im standing outside the grounds of the Friends of Nature facility which has recently been the target of a large scale act of vandalism. While property damage has been minimal, Friends of Nature officials are demanding compensation and a public apology from the Pokemorphs who were responsible for what they deem as this act of open hostility."

The camera turns and zooms in on the Friends of Nature grounds. The lush grass is covered in colorful confetti. A human in the distance is walking with a leaf blower, trying to blow the confetti into piles. The trees are cocooned in toilet paper, and the entire Friends of Nature building looks as if its been draped in a massive cobweb of toilet paper. The two fountains usually gushing with clear water are now overflowing clouds of bubbles.

Most notably, the golden words that spell Friends of Nature have a missing letter where the R once was so that they are temporarily the Fiends of Nature. The camera then switches back to the Clefairy-morph. "There have been mixed reactions to this vandalism," the reporter says. "Some are saying its nothing more than a playful prank, while others criticize the act as criminal and harmful to Pokemorph-human relationships. The culprit is unknown and still at large. Back to you Bob..."


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