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This is the archival listing page for the Public board (#1). Posts made before March, 2008 are unavailable.

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Message Posted Author
D&D Co-creator Gygax Dies Tue Mar 04 Nidonocu
Look, some polls! Sat Apr 26 Goo
Look, I fixed it! Sat Apr 26 Goo
Greetings, Pokemorphs! Tue Jun 03 Mew
'Memories of Change' - now on Wiki Fri Jun 06 Flashfire
Aurora Theater Grand Opening Mon Jun 23 Silvain
Spirit of Summer Beach Bash! Tue Aug 12 Tenko
Awesome new Pokemorph Stadium Sat Aug 16 Nidonocu
Spirit of Summer Update! Sun Aug 17 Tenko
Spirit of Summer Beach Bash Update Mon Sep 01 Tenko
Financial aid Wed Dec 10 Asayoru
MPBS is on the air! Fri Jan 16 Ace


Message Posted Author
Public Board Sat Feb 07 Akito
BBArchive:Public Sat Feb 07 Akito
Guestchan Antics Tue Feb 10 Angeal
The Evolution of Team Rocket Thu Feb 19 Kuko
PIA Wanted List Fri Feb 20 Joseph
New group! Crackpots wanted! Sun Feb 22 Rai
An Episode of "Don't Get The Gyara Fri Feb 27 Ace
Wedding Announcement Thu May 14 Akito
The MU Client Survey Sun May 31 Reginald
End of Summer Beach Bash! Sat Jul 25 Tenko
Bloody Roar MUSH Mon Aug 03 Cage
Sword of the Stars, anyone? Sun Aug 09 Bubblegum
Monster Hunter? Thu Aug 20 Spykes
Pokemon Tarnish Wed Aug 26 Obsidian
Announcing ITBG! Wed Oct 14 Reginald
Orphanage stuff Tue Oct 20 Sunspot
Rocket Traitor Files Thu Oct 22 Blackwhisker
Rocket Traitor Files +Rthreat Mon Nov 02 Blackwhisker
RTF Last Submission day. Sun Nov 29 Blackwhisker
RE: Akio's Delivery Service Mon Nov 30 Akio
Name for Ground/Rock Complex Tue Dec 15 Battie


Message Posted Author
+info Wed Jan 06 Reginald
Orphanage Sun Jan 17 Sunspot
title Bloody Roar MUSH.. Revival Sat Feb 13 Cage
HG/SS Friend Codes Sun Mar 14 Iatro
Touhou Pun Tue Apr 06 Helio
Open for Commissions Mon May 03 Battie
Mitadake High Mon May 17 Houka
Pokemorph Pirates Wed Jun 30 Battie
So You Wanna Be A Pirate? Thu Jul 01 Battie
I Joined The Navy Tue Jul 20 Houka
So long~ Tue Jul 20 Alia
Maternity Ward Tue Aug 03 Battie
Ad: Final Fantasy MUX Wed Aug 04 Chaz
Pokemorph's Own Minecraft Server! Tue Aug 17 Topaz
Da Boss yer Boss could chop like Thu Aug 26 Chastity
Minecraft Survival Server, up and Tue Sep 21 Angeal
Calling all Seafangs Wed Oct 06 Tatikyas
New Smith In Town Fri Nov 19 Carrion
D&Dz Wed Nov 24 Aiji
Seafangs: Please Read Tue Dec 07 Battie
An Awkward Request Fri Dec 10 Battie


Message Posted Author
Pokemorphed Ad Tue Jan 04 Katuro
Team Rocket strikes again! Thu Jan 20 Katuro
B/W Friend Codes Mon Mar 07 Phineus
PMMcon! ...Possibly Tue Mar 08 Pride
Writing Services Sat Mar 12 Mazurek
A new force is brewing Sun Mar 13 Taigh
Pokemon Slide is now OPEN! Mon Mar 14 Lepus
Katuro deploys in May Mon Mar 14 Katuro
On-MUSH Yellow Pages! Thu Mar 13 Mark
PMM gathering! :U Thu Mar 31 Daisuke
Hello, world! Fri Apr 01 Bubblegum
Easter Hunt: THE BEGGINNING Wed Apr 06 Tayken
Egg Hunt: It BEGGINS Tue Apr 19 Tayken
Egg Hunt: The Rules. Tue Apr 19 Tayken
PMD RP: if you want to sign up... Tue May 03 Bubblegum
PMD RP: RP logs up! Wed May 04 Bubblegum
Egg Hunt Results Thu May 12 Tayken
Happy Memorial Day Mon May 30 Inenoma
Rainfurrest Roomies? Tue May 31 Bubblegum
PMM Movie Night no more? Sat Jul 09 Bubblegum
Gundam MUSH Mon Jul 11 Pride
Unovan Unity Day:Thx for Playing! Mon Jul 18 Phineus
Rockets and PIA.. and Everyone els Sat Jul 23 Tayken
Rockets and PIA Forms. Sat Jul 23 Tayken
Bubblegum Cinema attendance woes Sat Jul 23 Bubblegum
OOC: Sword for sale Fri Aug 19 Wraith
Bubblegum Cinema: third time slot? Sat Sep 10 Bubblegum
The PMMUSH App Fri Sep 16 Inenoma
Ace Attorney fans: PLZ READ Mon Nov 21 Battie
Bagels, Donuts, and Coffee! Wed Nov 23 Battie
There was only ever one... Fri Nov 25 Bubblegum


Message Posted Author
Campaign trail, Bahamut Sun Mar 11 Bahamut
Pokemon Slide moved! Wed Mar 28 Lepus
Space SPAAACE!! Wed May 16 Belfry
The Speed Gamers Pokémon Marathon! Sat Jun 02 Chaz
Reminder of Faction Events Mon Aug 27 Phineus
Skiv Mon Aug 30 Battie
Sallet's Basic Training Address Fri Sep 07 Nyx
Tata For Now~ Tue Sep 18 Fremont
Stuck in Training. Thu Nov 22 Sallet


Message Posted Author
Pokemorph Group Picture! Wed Feb 06 Katuro
Twitter. Tue Jun 04 Lucien
3DS friendcodes Sun Jun 09 Merisa
3DS Friendcode Sun Jun 09 Jolty
3DS Friend Code + Message #100! Mon Jun 10 Verdel
3DS FC Tue Jun 18 Richard
Pokemorphs as Contractors Sun Jul 14 Katuro
New TinyPlot; Join Us! Thu Jul 18 Battie
TinyPlot; Addressing Concerns Fri Jul 19 Battie
Unfortunate Delay Tue Aug 06 Battie
No Internet Sat Aug 31 Fremont


Message Posted Author
3DS Friend code Mon Jan 06 Wraith
Leliel's Friend Code Mon Jan 06 Suffisant
PMM Steam Group! Wed Jan 15 Phineus
Dragons of USOM ad Sun Jan 26 Katuro