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This is the archival listing page for the Gossip and Rumours board (#11).

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The year date was not available for posts prior to 2009.
Message Posted Author
Avast ye, me harties Sun Jul 24 Kris
Halloween Party! Thu Oct 13 Hope
Some real burning festivities! Mon Oct 17 Reiko
Family Home Wed Oct 26 Helmuth
The Festival of Color Fri Feb 03 Knives
Halloweenie Party, 2006! Sat Oct 14 Hope
Fliers Mon Jan 01 Timda
Another Flier Mon Jan 08 Timda
DC Posters Mon Jan 29 Timda
Increasing Graffiti Sun Mar 18 Issachar
Thieves' Guild Sun Mar 25 Edge
July 7th - Beach Party Thu Jun 28 Cleo
All in the Cards Tue Jul 03 Tima
Unofficial Pokemon Fan Club Tue Jul 10 Juliet
Halloween Party 2007! Fri Oct 19 Hope
Paper Trail Sat Oct 20 Knives
Nature's Fury Mon Oct 29 Zent
It's a flier war! Mon Oct 29 Juliet
A Moment of Peace. Mon Oct 29 Veronia
A Celebration of Culture? Thu Jan 03 Juliet
Barbecue delayed Mon Mar 10 Korellfa
PIA Rumours of Hydra Sat Mar 22 Tatikyas
Now they shoot kids- Thu Apr 17 Aichi
Do you have a Meowth? Sun Apr 27 Juliet
Have You Seen Them? Fri May 02 FF
Artist needed Wed May 14 Pride
Speaking of artists... Wed May 14 Bubblegum
Fencing classes Sun May 18 Pride
The Gossip Column Sat Jun 07 Sanna
Crime Pays Mon Jul 21 Benito
For Your Item Needs Sat Jul 26 Honey
Halloween Party 2008!! Tue Oct 07 Hope
Water Water Everywhere... Tue Oct 28 Stardust
Shelter Offered Wed Nov 12 Helio
Town Meeting Tue Dec 02 Stardust


Message Posted Author
Friendly Pokemon Battles Tue Jan 06 Joseph
Green Posters Thu Feb 19 Hope
Pokemon Gym Opening Fri Mar 06 Nick
Pokemorph Talent Show Thu Mar 26 Reginald
Community Art Project Tue Mar 31 Bada Boom
Talent show time Sat Apr 04 Reginald
Pokemorph Contests Sun May 17 Reginald
Contest rule clarifications Sun May 17 Reginald
Contests Begin! Sun May 24 Reginald
End of Round 1, Start of PAA Sun Jun 06 Reginald
Conversations of an Island Mon Aug 10 Nidonocu
OOC Contest Announcement Wed Sep 30 Reginald
Halloween Party 2009! Thu Oct 01 Hope
Pokemorph Contest Award Ceremony Wed oct 14 Reginald


Message Posted Author
Prism Island Novel Published Sun Mar 28 Aquana
Pokemorph Contests Wed May 12 Reginald
Video Game People! Thu May 27 Reginald
Contest START Wed Jun 09 Reginald
Gone Fishing Thu Jul 01 Tayken
Round 2 start! Fri Jul 16 Reginald
Guards needed! Sat Jul 17 Ryoichi
Pokemorph Contest 2010 Winners Thu Sep 02 Reginald
SteelShaper Dojo accepting student Sun Oct 10 Helio
Charity Dinner Flyers Sat Oct 16 Ren
Halloween Party 2010! Tue Oct 19 Hope
Something smells good... Tue Dec 14 Nidonocu


Message Posted Author
WantAd Wed Jan 19 Fremont
Pokemorph Contests Again! Sat Apr 30 Reginald
Pokemorph Contests START! Tue May 24 Reginald
No really, start Sun May 29 Reginald
Deadlines moved Sat Jun 11 Reginald
Contests 2039 (2011) Round 2 Tue Jun 21 Reginald
Round 2 Deadline Mon Jun 27 Reginald
Unova Unity Day Celebration Sun Jul 03 Nidonocu
RP moved! Mon Jul 04 Nidonocu
Unovan Unity Day (for reals) Sun Jul 10 Phineus
Contests 2039 (2011) Round 3 Wed Jul 20 Reginald
Contests 2039 (2011) Finals Mon Sep 05 Reginald
Seeking Roommate! Sat Sep 17 Corrin
Halloween Party 2011! Wed Oct 12 ZeroCool
Pokemorph Contests 2011 End Thu Nov 24 Reginald
Cafe Javamon is open for business! Tue Dec 13 Flower
Office Assistant Position - Filled Tue Dec 20 Battie
Mrs. Amphertzy's 2nd Grade Sun Dec 25 Emily


Message Posted Author
Although nothing's official... Fri Mar 02 Wraith
Bahamut's Campaign Begins... Thu Mar 08 Bahamut
Campaign flyers(?) Thu Mar 08 Vesta
Reginald for Governor! Mon Mar 12 Reginald
Campaign for Governor. Derek. Mon Mar 12 Derek
Bahamut's Campaign; TV Spot Mon Mar 12 Bahamut
Wraith's Block Party Campaign!!! Mon Mar 12 Wraith
OOC: Contests 2040 (2012) Sat Jun 16 Reginald
Wild Leafeon Appeared! Sun Aug 05 Misaki
Hydra gossip Wed Sep 26 Kotone
Halloween Party 2012! Mon Oct 15 Hope


Message Posted Author
Here there be vees... Fri Jul 26 Misaki


Message Posted Author
Thunderstorms Pelt the Island Sun Mar 02 Phineus
Bar Rename;Weather Keeps Happening Mon Apr 07 Phineus