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This is the archival listing page for the Classifieds board (#6).

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The year date was not available for posts prior to 2009.
Message Posted Author
Staff required Sat Aug 20 Reiko
Cme Artists!! Mon Aug 22 Leon
Grand Opening - IdareU Sun Oct 02 Stardust
Extreme Sports Opens Wed Oct 19 Cleo
Celebrate Technology!! #1 Sun Jun 11 Seiitsu
Self Defence Tue Apr 10 Sid
Puffin Poffin Bakery Hiring Sat May 05 Mario
Liberty's Chocolate Shop Sun Jun 17 Liberty
A chance for fame or a simple pay Fri Jun 22 Reiko
Theater Hiring Sun Nov 11 Khione
Roomie wanted! Sun Dec 09 Taht
Waterfall Dreams Inn Thu Feb 21 Dayshaun
Lookin' for a roomie! Fri Mar 28 Shiva
Psychological Help Tue Jun 03 Isis
Raggi's Clinic at Seaview Sat Jun 07 Raggi
Bodyguard for hire Sun Jun 15 Pride
Dance Sat Jul 26 Oops
Help Wanted? Anywhere? Wed Jul 30 Ichtaca
Looking for a Room or Apartment Mon Aug 04 Yvaine
Psychiatrist need for a case of Hy Wed Dec 31 Sid


Message Posted Author
Morph Co now hiring Mon Mar 02 Asayoru
A simple morph will work for money Sun Mar 08 Luna
Incognito, Private Eye Tue Mar 24 Incognito
Lonely SHM, 26 Wed Apr 01 Iedwyn
Newest products from Morph Co! Wed May 13 Asayoru


Message Posted Author
Hiring! Fri Jan 08 Ryoichi
Eevee pups need good homes! Wed Apr 07 Misaki
Domino's Single Ad Sun Apr 18 Domino
Tattoo Parlor Wed Jun 09 Aera
SOF-m M Seeking Tue Jun 29 Irvine


Message Posted Author
Wanna Evolve ... Or Not? Mon Apr 25 Phineus
Virtual Game Programmer Wanted Sun Aug 07 Tayken
Lost Cane Sun Sep 04 Delrin
I need Ukelele lessons! Wed Sep 07 Joshua
Morph Looking for a Job Tue Sep 20 Carmine
Seeking job! Sun Oct 02 Amarki
Roommate wanted! Fri Oct 07 Piers
Young Pokemorph looking for a part Mon Oct 17 Venus
(OOC) Seeking Hydra volunteers! Mon Nov 07 Pride


Message Posted Author
(OOC) Free Dream World Eevees to g Tue Oct 16 Daisuke


Message Posted Author
Job Opportunities! Thu Aug 08 Mikhail


Message Posted Author
(none) --- ---