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This is the archival listing page for the Announcements board (#4).

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014


Message Posted Author
Staff Announcement Sun Aug 10 Fault
Suggestions: Ideas Evolved Fri Aug 15 Nidonocu
The PMM Wiki! Thu Sep 25 Akito
Staying Connected Guide Wed Oct 15 Nidonocu
Psst. Hey. Want Groupies? Tue Oct 21 Tatikyas


Message Posted Author
Guest Channel - PLEASE READ Fri Mar 06 Fault
A Reminder... Thu Mar 19 Gab
So You Want RP?! Thu Aug 06 Tatikyas
Harassment Memo Sat Nov 14 Gab
+amail: Alt mail checker Mon Dec 28 Tatikyas


Message Posted Author
Language Reminder Fri Jan 01 Akito
PMM RP Calendar! Sun Jan 10 Akito
But I wanna live in the woods! Sun Feb 07 Battie
Status Reminder Wed Feb 10 Battie
Find the pokemon! Tue Jun 19 Tatikyas
New Legendary Policy Thu Jul 01 Fault
Happy 10th Birthday PMM! Wed Dec 15 Nidonocu


Message Posted Author
The Seafangs Wed Mar 23 Nidonocu
Gen V Applications are now... Fri Mar 25 Nidonocu
Seafangs: Accepting 10 Non-Waters Sat Mar 26 Battie
Inappropriate Pubchan Topics Sat May 21 Battie
Team Rocket! Wed May 25 Aerie
Generation V Applications Now Open Sun Jun 12 Nidonocu
+metronome fix! Mon Jul 18 Phineus
Double Code Christmas Fri Aug 05 Aerie
Recent Changes: +summon, ws, LRP Sat Sep 10 Battie
Staff Announcement Tue Oct 04 Tatikyas
Code Updates! Fri Oct 07 Obsidian
TinyPlot Begins! - The Dream Mist Sun Oct 16 Nidonocu
+Time, Entrances, Where, Junk Sun Oct 23 Obsidian
RP Points are BACK! Sun Oct 23 Obsidian
Dream World for everyone! Sun Nov 06 Nidonocu
Pirate Potential Fri Nov 25 Battie
Christmas Applications! Sun Dec 18
A Friendly Reminder: Status Thu Dec 22 Battie


Message Posted Author
New Governor to be Elected Mon Jan 16 Battie
Possible Planned Brief Downtime Tue Feb 07 Fault
Seeking Capable Captain Sun Apr 29 Battie
Apologies and promises Tue Aug 14 Reginald
Important! Upcoming Idle Purge Tue Aug 14 Phineus
Join and Summon Commands Mon Sep 24 Obsidian
New ANSI Colours! Thu Sep 21 Phineus
App Day Thu Nov 15 Battie


Message Posted Author
Team Rocket has blasted off again Sat Mar 02 Nidonocu
Getting your plot approved Thu Apr 18 Reginald
Back in Business Thu Jun 27 Battie
Loss of our own Mon Jul 22 Reginald
Yes, YOU CAN! Wed Dec 18 Battie


Message Posted Author
Update to Restricted Species! Mon Jan 13 Phineus
Shorter Waiting Time on Apps Mon Jan 20 Phineus
Public Channel Rules Reminder Fri Jan 24 Nidonocu
A Palace for Pixies Wed Mar 05 Battie
Reduced Attack Cost + More Thu Mar 06 Phineus
Player removal Mon Mar 17 Reginald
OpenSSL vulnerability Wed Apr 09 Reginald