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The BBArchive is an archive of the MUSH's bulletin boards, which are all kept on the actual MUSH itself. Here they are archived from past years from the boards open to the public. Each board has its own page that lists the posts numerically by year, including title, specific date, and name of postee.

Last updated on July, 2021.


Main article: BBArchive:Announcements

The Announcements board is possibly the most important board for a player to read. Here, the staff post information about the theme of PMM, important rules, current OOC events (or OOC information on current IC events), changes to the MUSH, and so on. Players are expected to be aware of information on this board, so is highly recommended that they try to keep track of it.


Main article: BBArchive:Public

The Public board is the first and foremost of the PMM bulletin boards, though it isn't the most imperative. It's here that anyone can make posts about anything they'd like; Public channel jokes, advertisements of other MU*s, links to Pokemon websites, etc. All in accordance with the MUSH rules, of course- no flaming, swearing, or topics of distress. Other than that, feel free to post!

News Reports

Main article: BBArchive:News Reports

Unlike the Public board, the News Reports board provides up-to-date information about events on Pokemorph Island. Characters are assumed to have knowledge of this information if they make any effort to keep abreast of current events. Since the information on this board takes the form of official news reports, players cannot post to this board. However they can, and are encouraged to, write news reports for this board, which can be posted with the assistance of a wizard.


Main article: BBArchive:Classifieds

Here, players are encouraged to post simple IC advertisements or notices by their characters, just as in the Classifieds section of a newspaper. Unlike the real classifieds, however, posts on this board are not limited to a few lines in a newspaper. Posters, fliers, full-page ads, and even - in some cases - brief television spots have been used in the past. Use your imagination!

Gossip and Rumours

Main article: BBArchive:Gossip and Rumours

The Gossip and Rumours board is where players can share their characters' experiences and opinions of things on the island, especially those relevant to current events or TPs. Use this board to show or listen to what's abuzz in the island's community!


Main article: BBArchive:PIA

Faction board for PIA. All posts are at least 6 months old to keep from spoiling current/future plots.


Main article: BBArchive:Seafangs

Faction board for Seafangs. All posts are at least 6 months old to keep from spoiling current/future plots.


Main article: BBArchive:Plasma

Faction board for Team Plasma. All posts are at least 6 months old to keep from spoiling current/future plots.

Vacation (Defunct)

Main article: BBArchive:Vacation

Where people post that they're going on holiday or wont be available between X and X.

Team Rocket (Defunct)

Main article: BBArchive:Team Rocket

Where Team Rocket used to discuss their plots and plans. Operated 2000-12

Hydra (Defunct)

Main article: BBArchive:Hydra

Where Hydra used to discuss their plots and plans. Operated 200?-10

Events (Defunct)

Main article: BBArchive:Events

A semi-staff board where possible TP/events/etc were discussed. Operated 2010-14.