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The main thing to remember when asking for roleplay is to be gentle, accommodating, and sometimes very persistent. While a lot of players tend to roleplay within circles of their close friends, there are a number players out on the MUSH that are ready and willing to make new friends through roleplay. It might take some time to find these people so don't get discouraged and, remember, don't be afraid to ask again after a little while if you haven't received any responses at first. There are always new chances, changing within the hour, because new people log on or others might not be busy anymore. There is more than one time-honored tradition of asking others for roleplay; the RP channel, other channels, and paging.

The RP Channel

The most often used way of asking for RP on PMM is the Roleplay Request Channel. Please keep in mind that this channel is for requesting/organizing RP only, so you MUST be on topic to participate! Also, rules that apply for public apply for this channel: keep the language down, and politics & religion OFF CHAN.

To join, simply type: @chan/on rp - and the rest of the commands are the same as the other channels.

Other Channels

It is acceptable to ask for roleplay on other channels, such as the Public channel or team channels, but since they are channels that are designed for other reasons we ask that you keep the queries about roleplay to a minimum. Asking once or twice is agreeable but more than that might be considered bothersome to the other players. The exception is if the roleplay you're requesting has something to do with your team or some sort of team roleplay.


Some people are afraid to ask others for roleplay over page but it is actually accepted by most players as a good, positive thing. More than one player would, actually, take up the offer, time willing. If you're still worried about bothering people with pages you can make note of the statuses of players as they appear on the WHO.


Main article: MUSH Etiquette

If a player repeatedly denies your request to roleplay, it could be that they are just not interested – which does not mean that they have something against you personally. Please respect other players and leave them alone if they request it. On the other hand, YOU get to decide whether you roleplay or not – if you are not interested, you have the right to decline.

When asking for roleplay, it is often helpful to suggest a scene to others, or a set of characters. It is not reasonable to expect that the other player is responsible to come up with the entirety of the setting, plot, and interaction. Sometimes, the best part about being on roleplaying MUSH is collaborating with others on an upcoming scene.

If a player wishes to enter a scene that is already in progress, permission must be gained by both parties FIRST, and it is only polite to do so over page or channel first. Do not walk in on another scene unless invited.