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Team Rocket's Online Case Files

Pokemorph Island Division

Aliases: none
Species: Marill-Morph

Make: First Generation

Rank: Grunt

Primary Color: Blue

Height/Weight: 5'3"/120 lbs

Gender: Female

Approx Age: 23

Partner: Davis

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Sapphire blue

Distinguishing Features: unusual silver-colored hair
ATTACKS: Tackle, Defense Curl, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Rollout, Bubble Beam, Double-Edge, Rain Dance, Hydro pump. (TMs: Mega Kick, Ice Beam, Substitute, Attract)
HISTORY: Taken from her inexperienced trainer at a young age, Aqua's training was more in the field of espionage. Loyal to the Team throughout her entire life, she is content in her position as a Grunt and doesn't seem intent on rising in rank. After all, as a Grunt you’re barely noticed...