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2. Email address – email@noname.com
2. Email address – email@example.com

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To apply for a character at Pokemorph MUSH, simply fill out the following, and email it to apps@pokemorph.com, with the subject of 'PMMUSH App - (character name)', replacing (character name) with the actual name of your character. If your application subject line does not follow this format, it will not be read as per our spam filters. Also, please do not send your applications as attachments for security reasons. Copy-paste your application into the body of your email or it will be deleted. Knowledge of the history and society of Pokemorphs is highly recommended.

Applications are due by no later than 11:59 PM Pacific/Standard time each Friday. They will then be processed in the following 48 hours on Saturday or Sunday. The waiting period will be 2 weeks from that Friday to apply for another character after each successful application.

Applications are limited to one review per player per week. If two applications of the same character are sent the newest, most updated one will be reviewed. If two applications of different characters are send the oldest one will be read first and the second one will not be read until the next possible review date. Approved applications are limited to one per month. After receiving a new character, you must wait one month before submitting a new application. This means if your application is rejected, you are able to reapply once a week until it is accepted, but are not able to submit multiple character applications within a 2-week period.

Application Breakdown

This is a breakdown of the character application for Pokemorph MUSH explaining what information is expected for each section of the app. Tips about each section are also included and it is recommended that you read each of those before writing your app to ensure the highest possibility of being accepted.

OOC Information

Common Name

What does everyone call you?

Email Address

This must be a valid, working email address. This is where you will receive notification when your character is accepted or rejected, and where we will contact you if need be. This will also be added to the PMM mailing list if accepted, which will allow you to receive updates and announcements sent out by the staff. This is a very low-traffic mailing list, but is necessary!

RL Age

This is important... US laws prohibit persons under the age of 13 from giving certain information over the Internet without written parental consent. Please be aware that if you apply underage and without the aforementioned parental consent, the staff is not able, and will not review your application. Failure to provide proof of parental consent will result in immediate rejection.

Alternate Characters

Please list all of your frequently played characters on PMMUSH.

IC Information

Character Name

Names should generally consist only of letters, and up to one space, though exceptions can be made with good reason. Keep all names under 25 characters in length. To avoid unnecessary heartbreak, please check to make sure your potential name is available. To do this, log onto the MUSH and type '+finger name', replacing 'name' with the character name. If the system tells you there is no user by that name, it's free! However, if a profile comes up, you'll have to pick another name.

Character Species

Primarily Pokemorphs (Pikachu Morph, Rattata Morph, etc.) Non-morph Pokemon and Humans will be limited in number and will require an interview, treated as FCs. Please, please, PLEASE check the restricted species list before applying for a character! Although you are allowed to apply for any species you wish, there are very few exceptions made, and some will never be made. Applying for a hybrid or Reverse-Morph (Human to Pokemorph) will result in immediate rejection! Please do not waste your time and ours in applying for something that will never be approved, no matter how good your app is!

Character Personality

Here's where you try to sum up your character's personality in a paragraph or two. Is (s)he nice? Mean? What does (s)he like/dislike, etc. Here's a little tip for you all... There are several personality types that are very overdone, and while I'm not saying that if you fall under 'cliche' your app will be rejected, but I want you to think about your character. Their personality will be LARGELY influenced by the species that they are! Yes, there are exceptions, but since nearly everyone on the MUSH seems to be an exception, I'm not prone to making them anymore. What I like to see in this section is what kinds of things make them react, and how they react to them. I want to know what makes your character sad, and how they show it. How do they get over it? That is what makes a character's personality!

Character Background

How did your character get to where (s)he is today? Describe the character's past here as best you can... this is considered the most important part of the application. Although I don't want a daily account of what your character ate for breakfast each day, I would like to know a 'life story' of sorts. This really is the MOST important part of your application. I want to know who their parents are, what trainers they had, what happened to them with Team Rocket, who was involved in their lives, and what their goal is. Although not all of this applies, that should give you a good idea of what I'm looking for. How did they get the way they are? It's not good enough to say 'he was born in teem rokit and ran away to the island. he hatesa rokits.' - I want to know what happened in his life, and what he's all about! Also, please note that if you're applying for a character within a faction, your rank will be automatically set to Grunt(TR) or Rookie(PIA) unless otherwise explained in the background and approved by an admin.

Character Description

Here is where you describe how your character looks. This can be copied directly onto your character should you be approved, so make it good.

A note about size... Please keep in mind that Pokemorphs are a literal mix of Pokemon and human genetics, and tend to highly favor the human size of their DNA, especially when it comes to height! For example, a 7' tall Skitty-Morph would is just ridiculous, especially given the tiny size of Skitty; but a 5'10" Skitty-Morph is not, as that falls in an average human height range. There are some exceptions (a 7' Steelix-Morph would be average), but please, keep it reasonable.

Finger Information

The Finger is a profile of information that anyone on the MUSH can read about your character. This is important to let the other players know what your character is like so that they will want to roleplay with you. It should be a quick snap-shot to just give them the basics.

Height and Weight: This must be listed in imperial measurements (feet/inches and pounds), ex. 6'0" and 200 lbs.

Generation: Only applicable to Pokemorphs. This will be First Generation, Second Generation, Unovan, or Freebirth (Unovan Freebirths are not differentiated from any others). Humans and Pokemon may leave this blank.

Ability: Dream World abilities are available with explanation in the character's background.

Group: The faction your character belongs to, if any. This could be Plasma, PIA, Friends of Nature (Humans and Pokemon only), or Seafangs (Water-type Pokemorphs only). See each page for more information.

Attacks: No, the staff does not verify everyone's attack list before placing your character on the MUSH. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the list is accurate and conceivable. If an inconsistency is found, your attack list will be changed without warning, and the admin will not be very happy with you. PLEASE make sure you take care in selecting your attacks! Also, please keep in mind that Pokemorphs can only know moves from one set of the games at a time. We recommend using Veekun's Pokedex. You may assign a Pokemorph character their entire learnable moveset, as well as up to 4 TM/HM/bred or Tutored moves. Pokemon may have no more than four attacks (including TM/HM/bred/tutored moves). Humans may list any Pokemon and their attacks, as well as any relevant training or skills (such as martial arts training).

Profile: This is basically a summary of the personality and background history section. A little bit of each, and maybe even a piece of description will suffice... but try to make it good, instead of just cut & paste. You want people to read and be interested to RP with you!

Blank Application

**PokeMorph MUSH Character Application**

1. Common Name – 

2. Email address – 

3. RL Age – 

4. Alts on PMM – 


5. Character Name – 

6. Character Species – 

7. Character Personality – 

8. Character Background – 

9. Character Description – 

10. Finger information:
Skin/scales/primary fur color: 
Hair color: 
Eye color: 

Example Application

This application was written by Gab for a Rocket alt. It's short, to the point, but was accepted in the real application process. Please feel free to use this as a reference for your own application to draw ideas from. However, keep in mind that the AppStaff will know if you have just copy/pasted Gab's own application. (You can also find a small selection of applications under the Applications tag on our LiveJournal community!)

**PokeMorph MUSH Character Application**


1. Common Name – Melissa D

2. Email address – email@example.com

3. RL Age – 18

4. Alts on PMM – Gab @ PMMush


5. Character Name – Rocky

6. Character Species – Sandshrew-Morph

7. Character Personality – With a name like Rocky, it would be very appropriate for him to have a cocky-type personality. And, like the stereotypical images that follow the name implied, Rocky truly is cocky to a fault, where confidence overshadows his actual abilities, and pride overpowers every action that he takes. Despite that he’s not the best in the world like he’d pretend he is, this Sandshrew seems to pass it off in the right crowd easily enough, content to sway even the lowest denominator to get attention. Ambition isn’t one of his top priorities, and why work your tail off to get to the top and be the ‘best’ when you can simply just //be// the best? Taking the easy way out to have a good show isn’t all that bad, really, and when you’re stuck in a dead-beat lackey job, why care otherwise? Ah, don’t break a sweat!

8. Character Background – Rocket Born, like many, in the Team after the wars ceased to be a large issue in the media. The young Sandshrew-Morph, although nameless at the time, was taken to be trained with a large majority of Second Generations in hopes of refilling Team Rocket’s diminishing supply of agents, and although methods then were better than previously, the torment and torture of “effective training” was far from a humane, not to mention sanitary.

However, also like many, the Sandling obediently followed the orders and was quick to learn what aggravated a captain of his training squadron, and how to avoid it. Children learn to be quiet under the lash, and such was the Sandshrew. Soon, he began to develop an idea of what inspired praise and lax of supervision.

As he grew older, the humans that he was mostly associated with began to give him nick-names to counterpoint the awfully long number that accompanied his tag. And with the boy’s obsession with dirt and climbing the large, rocky structures that made the ground-training area what it was, they decided that ‘Rocky’ would be the name to stick, and it did.

Rocky was fairly well looked after once he reached Jr. Agent status, thought to be quite loyal and not a threat to the Team. His supervisors, perhaps unfortunately, fawned over what they believed to be a cute little agent, and gave him plenty of attention, affection, and chances to shine in the light. Although he’s learned basic combat and even several TMs and training moves, Rocky uses these skills to show off rather than doing serious battle.

In fact, Rocky would much rather play sports than combat with other agents, but alas, he’s not often given the chance to play basketball in the gym unless he’s completed his training for the day. Really, Rocky leaves a fairly decent life- training himself and new agents in the gym by being a sparing partner, and earning his keep that way. Rocky lives in the gym, which lends to his well-built appearance.

Really, that’s pretty much all there is to the life of Rocky. Trained to be a decent fellow, but true-blue Rocket, he’s yet to go on any missions outside of the base, but has long-since developed the arrogant, over-confident personality that Rocket seems to pride itself on.

9. Character Description – Sandy yellow in color, Rocky stands a formidable example of a male Sandshrew-Morph; tall enough, slightly stocky, the usual changes in fur pattern, ivory, down to the long sets of claws on each hand and foot. However, Rocky also sports a striking black head of thick hair and a winning, almost arrogant, smile. He’s dressed in his finest Rocket attire- red shorts and a black tank-top- that seems to fit across him just so well, and not but a couple of scratches on his knees.

10. Finger information:

Species: Sandshrew-Morph

Sex: Male

Skin/scales/primary fur color: Sandy Yellow

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Generation: Freebirth

Ability: Sand Veil

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 160 lbs

Attacks: Sand-Attack, Slash, Poison Sting, Fury Swipes, (TMs: Take Down, Dig, Metronome, Skull Bash)

Profile: Hard-headed and often too confident, Rocky’s a typical Rocket lackey who’s all talk and little walk. Although his charming personality and good looks compensate for some of his less-than-ambitious work-ethic and goof-off-ability, the Sandling has a LOT to learn if he decides to ever get his tail in gear and out of the gym to go on some real Rocket missions. However, he’s content to work out and fight prisoners held in the base, and as long as he gets to impress someone every once in a while, he’s got no reason to complain.