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Pokemorph MUSH's Online Database - Amygdala

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Amygdala Rodin
Aliases: Dala (never "Amy")
Species: Electabuzz-Morph

Make: First Gen

Faction & Rank: --

Primary Color: Yellow & Black

Height & Weight: 6', 283 lbs

Gender: Female

Approx. Age: Mid 40s

Ability: Static

Hair Color: Navy Blue

Eye Color: Cerulean

Occupation: Owns and operates Prism Power Plant
Distinguishing Features: Muscular, masculine appearance.
Relationships: Friends with Ruaridh.
Hangouts: The Power Plant, pubs, home in her garage
ATTACKS: Quick Attack, Leer, ThunderPunch, Light Screen, Swift, Thunderbolt, Thunder (TMs: Metronome, Rain Dance, Fling, Magnet Rise)
PROFILE: Owner and proprietor of the clean energy Power Plant, Amygdala is a manly man - /wo/man, that is. She`s gruff, but amiable - just a rough-and-tumble mechanic. She can come across as ignorant or backwater, but she`s quite intelligent and curious. She enjoys taking things apart and figuring out how they work, and loves building machines. The Electric-type refuses to carry most of the negative stigma held by most Camp survivors, though a heartbroken part of her still holds out hope of being reunited with her old team, trainer, or child.
HISTORY: Amygdala was stolen from her trainer, like so many others, and morphed by Team Rocket; she lost track of her teammates during the Camps. She hopes to reunite with any of her former teammates or her trainer some day. She had a child during her time in the Camps, the fate of which is also unknown.
Player: Phineus