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Pokemorph Island Division

Aliases: T1119, Aki, ‘kito
Species: Furret-Morph

Make: First Generation

Rank: Solider

Primary Color: Tan and Brown

Height/Weight: 5'8"/158 lbs

Gender: Male

Approx Age: 29

Partner: Ryotsu

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown

Distinguishing Features: none
ATTACKS: Tackle, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Slam, Rest, Amnesia (TM/HMs: Iron Tail, Surf)
HISTORY: Caught in the wild as a Furret, Akito is a First Generation morph raised in the Camps. Once a top fighter, he was gravely injured just before the War and has lost his spirit and abilities. He has risen in rank to Solider during the War and was offered promotion to Lieutenant three times but has refused to accept. He has dealt with Omega/Theta cases many times but in recent years his loyalty has become less than desirable. Was involved in a romantic relationship with Scientist Anna before her recent death.